Lips must not be sealed at the atrocities of the barbarians called Arewa Youths. If Ango Abdullahi, Tanko Yakasssi & Co are not arrested & imprisoned first, any attempt to arrest Nnamdi Kanu will escalate the already tense situation in this evil contraption Nigeria

They allegedly said that he (Nnamdi Kanu) has trained a new secret army which they (Nigeria) called  Biafra secret service, the point of correction, it is Biafra Security Service. On Biafra Security Service (BSS), do you want our people to fold hands & watch murderous Fulani herdsmen kill us at will? Hisbah, Sharia Police, Civilian JTF are all operating freely in the North with full government support. Is it not hypocrisy on the part of the government to attack BSS?

certainly their (Fulani) stupidity and tribal bigotry have blinded them so much that they do not see that Buhari himself who has been making "northern skewed" and anti-Biafra policies added with extra judicial killings masterminded by the joint efforts of the Nigeria combined Armed forces on the orders of Buhari who is a Fulani breed, is the actual threat to the unity of Nigeria. (if there was even any such thing as unity in Nigeria at all) .

so many idiots everywhere these days, since time immemorial! A government of layabouts and oppressor of intellects. I have never expected any thing good from Buhari. A religion and tribal jingoist. My concern is that some have, like Esau, sold their birth rights for stomach infrastructure. How this accident called Nigeria came about beats me, I listened to Fela's beast of no nation and thought about the #hushtone they want everyone to talk in the society? 

 Anyway, For Me it's Not Just An APC Thing Per'se but a leadership style, bad foundation hinged on a "kind of personality" found anywhere as far as Nigeria is in existence ; so I don't see any redemption in both parties(APC and Nigeria) because they don't follow any ideology that is if they have any? for the struggle, it has to be put in perspective, take North Korea and the USA under Trump As Examples, There's An Ongoing Struggle But It's Being Done From A "Perspective", even though We Don't Want another Sudan-S/Sudan scenario in Biafra land, in the western world they have an organized leadership but in Nigeria "Thugs", looters, corrupt leaders Call the shots & that scary if they have to lead any struggle whatsoever; no one wants to do the harder struggle of mental emancipation... awakening the consciousness of young people of our probable futures, Nnamdi Kanu will Continue to ink your our heart with the Truth about the restoration of Biafra as the voracious Biafrans are behind his rare courage.

 Hence he is the only person that will bring this amalgamated enclave (Nigeria) on its knees is Nnamdi Kanu, and he don't need a single bullet to do that but only with the Truth. Life is so empty. There is nothing in this world. Blessed is this man (Nnamdi Kanu) who has realized this, for it means he has overcome the world.

See, "truth is terrible". Truth stings and its sting is terribly afflictive. Oh yes. But when you face, embrace and endure its stings, the truth will set you free. And if the truth set you free, you are free indeed. It is the starting point.

In the fight against corruption in Nigeria upon the restoration of Biafra, he sees himself as the starting point. In the struggle to make the world a better place, he sees himself as the starting. Because Biafra restoration under IPOB is truly the starting point. As far as it is concerned, Biafrans as an individual are the starting point. We are the key point because we are the only starting point.

As long as anything, including the desire to correct the ill conditions in the world or Nigeria, dominates our consciousness to the point where this starting point is neglected, there simply is no starting point. Until there are individuals who are willing to accept this starting point, there is no starting point, which can lead to the constructive solution of the problems of the world or the falsehood of the Nigeria state. Whatever may be undertaken will, in the end, prove to be futile.

As we have become the change every sane person desire to see in the world, the right change, you cannot be an instrument of the change. Because you cannot really render any constructive service to that end without the truth. We can theorize, we can talk, we can criticise, but until we as individuals actually begin to be the change we preach, we accomplish literally and absolutely nothing of any true value.

To wrap it up, Buhari recently said in one of his numerous lies against Biafra that In 2003, Ojukwu visited him in Daura and they agreed to a not negotiable unity of Nigeria", please is I am compelled to ask the following questions, is this
(Life or Live or Lie broadcast 2017)?

Buhari up you! You tried but Biafrans have now woken up to face the realities of now, So any one who doubts you should go and argue with Ojukwu right? Well then, He visited you then because you were either the president or minister of defense or Army commander or what?  What were you to Nigeria in 2003 if not a private sadist? What capacity and capabilities were in your possession to warrant such visit? Who and who was there and why has this visit been a secret?

This broadcast is a direct order to the army to re-arrest Nnamdi Kanu as you have been forced to do even before the court could give a statement on that (height of Executive rascality and influence on the judiciary from inception) fight IPOB, to fight innocent harmless and harmless Biafrans. The war has been declared, the vice president called it hate speech war, Arewa called it quit notice. This is Buhari who did not blink an eye for 5minutes, spewing war and hate after  104days while he was away on a medical trip and you still think it's about PDP vs APC.

An agreement with a dead Ojukwu! Who're the witnesses? Was Ojukwu speaking for all the ethnic groups in the geographical expression called Nigeria? In what capacity did the two make such agreement? Is negotiating Nigeria's unity the same thing with restructuring? I think Buhari has just created more questions for himself but until then Biafrans will remain resolute and strongly believe that if Nnamdi Kanu is re-arrested, Nigeria will be doomed further. We have a mandate which we have talked to happen and that is a total boycott of Election in Biafra land until a date for the referendum is announced and we will begin with Anambra State.

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