By   Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
        Onyechere Ugochinyere [Editor]

What have we not seen in this contraption called Nigeria? Is it the continued subjugation and massacre of our people by the marauding Hausa/Fulani terrorists occupying the seats of power in the zoo nation? Or do we talk about the treacherous Yorubas, who through their Lagos/Ibadan Expressway brown envelope gutter media press, aided by the British government, have been peddling malicious lies against us? And now, it is Lauretta Onochie, a corrupt version of a Biafran woman who has been helping our enemies to fight against us, The Indigenous People of Biafra just because of some peanuts she has been promised by her paymasters. 

This Jezebel called Lauretta Onochie who serves as the Presidential Adviser on Social Media in the Muhammadu Buhari Apc-led administration, in recent time had publicly declared that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should be remanded back to prison given to the way he is now going about his agitation for Biafra restoration.

This is besides her continued efforts to bring to a stop the IPOB agitation for independence. Her castigations, harassments, and her raining of insults on IPOB members both physically and on social media are beyond human comprehension.

Not surprised anyway about Lauretta Onochie’s lackadaisical behavior towards her own people. The truth of the matter is, she is not a true daughter of the land. Just like the Imo State Gov. Rochas Okorocha, Lauretta Onochie has the Hausa/Fulani blood in her and that explains why she is behaving the way she does.  

During the Nigeria/Biafra war which took place between 1967-1970, a lot of things really went down. For instance, many Biafran women due to hunger and hardship prevalent in the land had abandoned their husbands and eloped with the marauding armies of the Islamic caliphate who immensely massacred our people. And Lauretta Onochie and her likes happened to be the product of such nefarious contacts.

No one person with a true Biafran blood and spirit would sell out or betray his or her own people like the way Lauretta Onochie is doing now. In Biafra land, such individuals are being referred to as the efuluefus (the worthless sons and daughters of the land) and are not well regarded in the society.

Regarding this irrational statement made by Lauretta Onochie, Umuchukwu Writers had conducted an interview among themselves, allowing all present to air their views on how they perceived this obnoxious character called Laureta Onochie. The following is how our interaction went down:

Chinaza Ezinne Janey, a promising female singer, and writer with the umuchiukwu writers had asked to know my own take as we sat together, in the hall where we usually convene for our private chat concerning our forum.

It was on a chilled Saturday evening. As we sat, discussing that unreasonable statement made by Lauretta Onochie, the old fink in the Aso-Villa, many things had started to unfold. It then dawned on me that I was not the only one who resented this woman, most of us did and I believe with passion. Shaker Man had shown no interest at all in our conversation because according to him, the ancient lady is not worth discussing. Shaker Man is a man of few words but always believes in action. He is one of the Umuchiukwu’s finest.

I had looked sharply at Chimena Mary, who started laughing, perhaps because of the way Janey had posed that question and how she had made her face as if she was about to vomit. Pausing for a while to allow the commotion to die down, I had begun taking the question bit by bit, dismantling it just like the way I do justice to a properly cooked “nsala soup,” especially the head of the fresh fish, normally used to prepare this mouthwatering soup. Nsala soup happens to be my favorite recipe. It is the kind of soup I plan to enjoy on !8th of November as we Biafrans boycott the Anambra State Gubernatorial election.

First, I had declared to the ladies and gents of the Umuchiukwu who were present that I had no iota of respect for this amorphous old harlot called Lauretta Onochie because of the fact that she is a SERIAL DIVORCEE. And wondered how men in their right senses would continue to fall over her, considering her shapeless stature and age. This statement by me had led to an outburst of laughter in the house. 

As this conversation was going on, another eagle-eyed Umuchiukwu female writer, Miss Onyechere Ugochinyere who was absent all this while and who in her uncanny way of keeping a conversation going walked in and had instantly asked in her usual tiny feminine voice, “And who is this SERIAL DIVORCEE, Mazi Ikenna Ozulumba?”

“Is it not that old female geek who calls herself Lauretta Onochie. Do you know that that expired female baboon has married five times and now she’s eyeing our director, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? Someone should please go and tell her that our director is a gentle and respectable married man. Even if he is still single, he wouldn’t go for an old sack like her (Lauretta).” That was Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka who had humorously replied Ugochinyere, thereby not allowing me to answer the question being directed to me, and this led to another outburst.

“Now, correct me if am wrong here, is it not the same old bitch that Femi-Fani Kayode, the former Aviation Minister under Goodluck Jonathan administration blasted some time ago on social media, and he had referred to her as a maid in the Aso-Villa? Chimena Mary had asked amidst laughter. 

Chimena Mary is also a smart female writer with the Umuchiukwu Writers who is well known for her jovial nature. Mary enjoys fanning the embers of discord, especially when two persons are involved in an argument. She would occasionally throw in sarcastic words so as to keep the verbal war going. She had playfully tapped me on the shoulder, a signal to urge me to continue.   

“But what is your own take regarding the erroneous statement made by this old female Monkey called Lauretta Onochie and how do you generally perceive her character?” Prince Richmond Amadi, the Umuchiukwu Writers’ Publisher had fired the question back at Miss Onyechere. 

Amadi is known for his bluntness and never for once hesitated to air his view on any matter that captured his interest. He is a versatile hard working young man who always believes that through hard work, he can achieve greatness and he is living by this motto. Even at nights, when others are already fast asleep, Amadi will always be awake, working on his computer. This alone has earned him much respect among his peers.

“Well, I have only two explanations to your question Mazi Amadi.” Ugochinyere had replied him. “First, Laureta is delusional and secondly, as a Biafran called Ngozichukwu Agboje rightfully wrote on her Facebook wall and I quote:

“I checked the dictionary meaning of the word “slave” and I saw Lauretta Onochie’s face staring at me.”

“How about you, Mazi Ikenna Ozulumba, do you still have anything to say regarding Laureta’s case?” Ezinne Janey who had been keeping silent all this while had directed the question back at me.

“Well, Truly, Lauretta Onochie deserves to be stoned to death for calling for the re-arrest of the Supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Ohamadike one of Biafra Land. What those fools have failed to understand is that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not alone. Chiukwu Okike Abiama who is presiding over our affairs on this very earth sent him (Kanu ) on this quest to restore Biafra and that makes him untouchable. We, The Indigenous People of Biafra are with him too. We are always prepared to lay down our lives for the freedom of Biafra and to follow Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s lead and directives. Any further attempt by the Zoo (Nigeria) government to kidnap our leader again will lead to war. They may do all they can to stop us, they may even use our own people to fight us, people like Lauretta Onochie, Rochas Okorocha, Willie Obiano, Peter Obi and the rest of the unscrupulous elements in Biafra land but in the end, Biafra will prevail. I rest my case” 

For Umuchiukwu Writers
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