By Chibuike Agba,  Ugochinyere Onyechere [Editor]

This piece begins with the analysis of the diary of a changed man, from the South-east of a strange land. His diary was picked up on the streets of Nigeria, an extension of the 21st century Roman Empire.

In it was written, "No feast in the cities, no joy in their homes, they live in the concrete of the jungle and their lives were passing by.

A tribe of warriors; generation of conquerors. They are real men with broken dreams; they see beauty in forsaken ashes.

Who are they? They are sons and daughters of Gad, the seventh son of the house of Israel. Despised and humiliated at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

They are men and women of many sorrows, even after the genocide hidden in a civil war, they still believe in a country that once was. Their children grew up learning on rough walls, where trees are too open to the shelter.

But their heart is forever open for the tribe that was lost, the nation that was found and the generation that carry the promises. Now the hope of Israel is once again made alive. At the end of the tunnel is a bright and a shining light. The sign in the heavens above is the second coming of the rising sun.

Biafra was an ideology but now it's our religion, every male child is a king, a Priest and a Legion We consume our troubles and feed on our pains, we only fight for the enslaved, their tears is our daily bread.

I hear the voice of the innocent children who were starved to death crying for vengeance; it would hurt the world to know that we are the reincarnation of that generation.

The earthly lineage of Israel shall never cease, and their rivers shall never run dry. The son of a warrior shall never be a coward, they shall kill us but we shall kill them all. They shall try to bury us just like seeds, but we shall germinate and replenish the earth.

Brethren, Hear beyond the spoken and see beyond the written. Be with no fear in the face of your enemies; see the end from the beginning.

Remember your oath, your word, and your bond because in it humanity is justified and son of man gloried. Don't forget that we live in a world where death means redemption and sacrifice mean salvation.

We are the troop but our armor is Unseen. The greatness discovery we made was pledging allegiance to the Truth, the discovery of our mortal friends and inhaling the flames of our burning desire.

The Creed of the sacred other. Now, we are that which illuminates The light at the end of the tunnel is the second coming of the rising sun.

For Umuchukwu Writers.
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