What I want to tell you now is the final plan they are making regarding Nnamdi Kanu and his court case coming up next month. Fulani and Hausa people are wrath about Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra). They are saying they can no longer stand the trouble of IPOB and Kanu.

As I speak to you, 50 men of the DSS, Police and Army are mapped out for that case. This is important; I want you people to be well prepared about it. Out of those 50, Katsina State will have 20; Yobe State will have 10; Borno will have 5; Niger State is having 5; Kaduna State 5; and Sokoto State 5.

What will happen in Court?

The arrangement is made in such a way that no one who comes to church that day will go home with his or her phone, not even to talk about Camera’s. They are going to bring big trucks, which all IPOB that come to come will be forced in and taken away. They will be taken to Kano, Kaduna, or Maiduguri. These trucks have the capacity of taking up to 200 and 300 people.

What will they do with Nnamdi Kanu on that day?

What they want to do to Nnamdi Kanu on that day will be taken away to Kaduna State or Kano State. First, more than 1000 of their men will be used to disperse the people by coursing confusion, either by promoting individual fights among the people or shooting sporadically shooting. In the confusion, Nnamdi Kanu will be taken away.

The plan is to take him away, kill him and dump him in Niger Delta. They are determined to carry out this plan. They are saying they do not care what any country in the world will do afterwards as long as they have Nnamdi Kanu killed. They are saying they do not care even if the 19 Northern states are eventually wiped out, that they must kill Nnamdu Kanu.

After kidnapping Kanu, they will take him to Kano where they will kill him and then await what Israel, Turkey, and other countries Biafrans are boasting about will do.

Southeast/South-south leaders are part of the plan

Many or your “leaders” were there when the plan was being made. They were working harder, and seriously making sure to see that Biafra does not come. Dave Umahi was there, Rochas Okorocha was there, Willie Obiano was there; Orji Uzor Kalu was there, and Rotimi Amaechi was there.

South-south media bribed

They have bribed the whole media in the South-south, 91. 1 FM, Port Harcourt has been bribed; Wazobia FM, and all others that are even in Abia State have been bribed. The plan is that none of them should report what happened. But anyone of them that dares to report it, in spite of the bribes and warning, will lose its license and all the staff that has a hand in the reportage will be arrested and dealt with.

Nnamdi Kanu is their major concern

What is the most important to them now is Nnamdi Kanu. If you see what happened in Umuahia, you will know that this people want him dead. Where we are here, Fulani and Hausa people are killing people every time up here because of Nnamdi Kanu. They are prepared to tell any lie to cover up their actions. What we are being told now is that nobody was killed in Umuahia.

As I am talking to you now they are preparing very very hard. So, you people must know how to approach the court cast that day. If you ask my opinion, I will say let us cancel coming for that court case or let’s move for a change of venue. But before then, the world must be informed how serious it is.

You people don’t know what happening. Fulani and Hausa people are not good people. So, if it is possible, let something be done. Apart from the 50 people I told you about earlier, there will be innumerable number of soldiers on ground in the court premises without uniform and mixing with the people.

Boko Haram and Soldiers

What Boko Haram is doing to Nigerian soldiers are many. I don’t know which one to tell you and which one, I must not tell you. This happened in Ilelu – between Borno and Cameroun.

Do you know they burnt down an IPD (internally Displaced Persons) camp down in Ilela, between Borno and Cameroun, and kidnapped about seventy something people – women, children and the aged. The number of those they killed was more.

There are many of them in Chad Basin who entered Nigeria and kidnapped nothing less than 20 Army officers of the rank of Majors and Colonels at around 3: 50 to 8 O’clock today.

Latest movement of the evil men

280 men are currently in Edo State Government House. They are with the Edo Governor, Obaseki. They brought them from Lagos State directly to Edo State. They did not want the people to know so they did not take them to the barrack. Instead they took them to the government house.

They will be moving from Edo State by 8 O’clock to with the Brigade Commander that is in Ohafia, Abia State. They are the Mobile Police and Army in Abia State. They are travelling with two vehicles – Lagos 712 and Lagos 612. They don’t want the people to know, that is why they are not travelling in Army colours.

They do not want to come through the North direct because it alerts and frightens the people. That is why they have taken them through the Lagos, Ore, Benin route. Right now, they are in Benin (resting). By 8 O’clock they will take off for Abia State through Delta and Anambra states.

-Ugochukwu Nwabueze 
 State Media
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