It is no more a secret about the unfortunate incident happening in Umuahia, the home town of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Sincerely, I do not know how we got to this level of stupidity and madness in this country. So far, over 20 defenceless IPOB members have been sent away to the great beyond by the Nigerian army. Their first reason was that IPOB members attacked them with stones.

This, I do not know whether to roll down laughing or crying. Stones? And you open fire on them?
Ok. Let’s take for instance they threw stones at you. How do you avert this situation if you do not harbour heinous agenda to eradicate and terminate them? Let's borrow a leaf from US. When Trump won, I guess we saw the protest by Hillary Clinton's supporters? These guys were very violent in their protest. They threw same stones at the US military, destroyed cars, destroyed structures YET the US police did not deem it fit to shoot at any of them. This is a country with sanity for human life. As a professional, they guided them, making sure they did not go on a killing spree and allowed them exercise their anger. This, is a civilised country for you.

It is on record that IPOB has had over 430 peaceful protests which has gone into record as the biggest in human history.

This is military men that have not gone on an offensive against the Arewa youths that threatened genocide on the Igbos. Same people have disappeared from Sambisa forest where Boko Haram keeps having a field day against them. This is same men that have never won a single war against any country by themselves.

Here they are harassing and terrorising unarmed men. Shame on them! 

Here, I've questions for Buhari and Buratai.

1. South east region Is regarded as in arguably the most peaceful domain in Nigeria. Why will you send in Operation python dance to checkmate a war free zone?

2. Of all the places in the world, it is the untarred road that leads to Nnamdi Kanu's residence you decided to taste your ammunition?

3. You said you were only tasting your ammunition on the first day, why did you come back trying to break into his home?

4. Does throwing just stones at you, warrant a shooting spree claiming over 15 defenceless men?

5. What about the NUJ headquarters your men Invaded and went on a theft accomplished mission? Did they also throw stones at you?

These are questions we need answers to.

Fact is, here we have no sanity for life. It Is on record that IPOB is a peaceful movement seeking for a self-determination via referendum.
If Nigeria education is not a mess, how do you equate 'referendum' to war? You go in and come out worse. Referendum means one man one vote and the surest and safest way for a people to determine their future.

Catalonia in Spain will have a referendum this October. We didn’t hear military men killing them during protests. Why is Nigeria different?

I often say that what Nnamdi Kanu brought to Nigerian is new to them. Here, we've not seen civilization. Self-determination is not war, but unfortunately even the professors in the unholy union called Nigeria sees it as war.

What Nnamdi has is as powerful tongue and no weapon.

Such events in Umuahia will only increase his popularity. This government is tactless and senseless. They're falling deeper into a pit of no return set by Kanu.

When Kanu says, burn down Nigeria if I'm arrested. A sensible human will wait for court permission to arrest him. When he's arrested then wait for his men to act.

I watched his interview after the ugly incident and I saw a calm, calculated, tactical Nnamdi Kanu shredding Nigeria to pieces with his tongue. This can only attract global sympathy for him and paint Nigeria in a bad light.

You do not suppress an ideology with FORCE, which can only fuel it, rather you apply diplomacy by addressing the reasons for the agitation.

I pray Buratai and his men apply diplomacy because they have none.
I also call on all peace-loving people to speak out against the genocide happening in the south-east region of Nigeria. 

As the scripture says ' Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called sons of God', Matthew 5 vs 9.


Written by: 
Henry Igwe Ogbudimkpa
For Abia Media Team.

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