By Barr. Azubuike Anoliefo

The  Proscription of IPOB by the Federal Government as ordered by the Federal High Court is a judicial decision and therefore could be appealed.It is not an Act of the National Assembly. More importantly, this ill-fated proscription is contrary to accepted and acceptable International Norms, Conventions and Practices, and cannot stand the test of time. Further, it has no International acceptability.

Furthermore, it is laughable that the Federal Government is proscribing an organization it did not register. IPOB is not registered in Nigeria. A search of the Registrar of the Corporate Affairs Commission revealed that it is not listed and could not be delisted.

IPOB is an International Pressure Group recognized, acceptable, and accepted by nations of the world, International Organizations including the United Nations and the-the World powers. IPOB is endorsed and acclaimed internationally for its giant strides in bringing to World attention and center stage the Marginalization,dehumanization, and killings of the Indigenous People of Biafra, including the recent slaughter of these peaceful and defenseless People of Biafra.

IPOB nonviolent agitations for self-determination of the Indigenous People of Biafra, (People of the else while Eastern Nigeria), as provided in the UN Charter is common knowledge.Its activities are in the full glare of the International Community, at all notable places, national and international Fora, Institutions and establishments without let or any hindrance whatsoever.IPOB was a cynosure of all Eyes at the recent UN Assembly of Heads of States and Government.

If IPOB is a Terrorist Organization it would not have been allowed to agitate even near the precincts of the UN or allowed entry into and onto the terrain of the United States.

Does the Federal Government jaundiced proscription include those IPOB organizations in America and Europe?Terrorism is an International phenomenon, loathed by the whole world or the civilized World.IPOB is not a Terrorist Organization by international standards and is not loathed by the International Community or the UN as a threat to International peace and security. 

From the foregoing and without any fear of contradiction or any equivocation, it is clear the purported proscription by the Buhari Junta is not accepted or recognized anywhere in the World, and therefore a mere storm in a Teapot and of no effect what so ever.

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