By Stephen Kelechi (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
I now know the definition of the Nigerian army 'Python dance II' exercise as deduced from the 'Python dance I'. It can be defined as one of the subtle and nefarious ways devised by the government of Nigeria to decimate Biafrans. Ask me how? Everybody knows that a snake is a very subtle animal, hence the use of the word 'python'.

The government of Nigeria thought they could carry out their evil plot in such a way that Biafrans would not discern it. On the contrary, Nigeria and their plans of making secret their murderous operations have always failed and must always fail. Nobody opened their eyes to the outstanding fact that when a python swallows a prey, it finds it difficult to hide and that if found must die by having its stomach cut open to bring its victim out. Nigerian government, its agents and forces have devised a way of eliminating Biafrans by abducting them in the guise of arrest, taking them to wherever they think is out of sight and murdering them there.

Now having known that IPOB is peaceful in its approach to restoring Biafra, the Nigerian government has devised a way of tagging them a terrorist group and painting them black by paying some shifty fellows to feign as IPOB members, making them put on Biafra materials, giving them guns and weapons and taking snapshots of them in a bid to create a negative impression of the indigenous people of Biafra before the world and justify their evil scheme of massacring them.

Here are my questions to the government of the contraption called Nigeria: * Why South-East? Why deploy soldiers to South-East when there is no unrest there? Are you not trying to create the chaos and unrest yourself in order to cease that opportunity to carry out your evil plans? How many operations of this sort have you carried out in your fight against Boko haram? Are you not trying to use that means to make the Biafrans not to speak out against the marginalization and inhuman treatment meted out to Biafrans?

Is this what Nigerian military is all about? Showing your muscles where the armless and the defenceless are and acting weak in the face of the real show? Is this how you think the contraption will work? My questions are endless. This move Would be another detrimental move and one with grave danger for Nigeria and its government.

IPOB has been a peaceful people that have suffered greatly in the hands of the callous and insensitive Nigerian government who has murdered them without regard for their fundamental human rights: of freedom of speech and movement. It should be noted that if they resort to arms, it must be for defence because they cannot fold their arms and watch their race wiped out.

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