Biafra atonement, IPOB

How I wish Nigeria can see what is on the way coming like a dangerous wind. A man called Nnamdi Kanu toured the whole of Europe, America and Asia, campaigning for Biafra restoration and also gathered his lost brothers and sisters all over the world. 
He was allowed to do this heavenly assignment without the leaders of those continent labeling him terrorist. From those faraway countries and continents, his voice was heard at home through radio Biafra and his message was received by millions of his people. 

That message they received became a religion to them and with undiluted faith, they were baptized and a name was given to them called Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Just as the faith or religion we all profess and defend today came from afar those who laid the foundation of those faith were not known to us nor have we seen them, but we believed in their works, teachings, commands, and even believe in the instructions and documents they left behind for us as a manual (BIBLE ), through which we  make peace with our Maker.

But in the case of Nnamdi Kanu, it is quite different because he himself became a living word of GOD that has come to deliver his people from slavery (Another Saviour). People like me and others who received this good news and immediately got baptized, went into research and studies of what this faith is all about, and in the course of these researches and studies, discovered wonderful things that had been hidden from us for hundreds of years by our enemies. 

Who we are was discovered; the lies we were told were laid bare, and this provoked our enemies who we formally called our masters, the British, those who brought the Bible to us, not to save us but to enslave our minds and our pocket and, at the same time  hand us over to the terrorist North.

 WAR was declared against him (Nnamdi Kanu) and every medium through which his message was heard all over the world was, in several ways, fought against, even one of the Internet platform that was carrying his message from Israel was bought over by these enemies. 

The relay stations in his country home (Biafra), were heavily jammed. But in all of these, he emerged victorious because the work that he is doing is not his but CHIUKWU OKIKE's.

After overcoming these temptations, he still remained more loyal, truthful, and fearless before his enemies and determined to get Biafra, even if sacrificing all he has for us to be free from slavery is requisite. 
Because of these, he found favour before GOD and more souls were added unto him in his ministry by HaShem.

Before he returned to Nigeria, he made a prophetic statement. He said: "After this Atonement, I will be going to Biafraland to continue this divine project of Chiukwu Okike Abiama's. I know they have tried everything they could to kill me, but Chukwu Abiama always exposed them. After now, something great is going to happen because we have atoned to Chukwu Abiama for our sins and He has forgiven us, because we are His children." He declared he was going to the ZOO and said : "I will be going to the ZOO from here. The only thing they will try to do is to arrest me and kill me." He continues,  "Any day you don't hear from me for 3 days and you ask and they say they don't know my whereabouts, on the 4th day destroy the ZOO called Nigeria. This is a direct command from me."

After this prophecy, he traveled to Nigeria only for  buhari's government to fulfill the prophecy.

 On his arrival to Lagos, he was kidnapped by DSS in his hotel room,  and they tried to assassinate him within the 3days of his arrest and on the 4thday as his disciples (IPOB) were waiting for a signal to carry out the Master's command, our deputy leader Mazi Uche Mefor, announced on air that our leader had been kidnapped by ZOO DSS and that he was in their custody.

For 2years in detention under Federal Government of Nigeria, Nnamdi Kanu's rights were in so many ways abused, even when he was granted unconditional bail.  
Many people were killed by Buhari's army during a peaceful protest for him(Nnamdi Kanu)  to be released. 

And there came another day of ATONEMENT(2016) when Biafrans all over the world cried unto their GOD (IBO... Chukwu Okike) (IBREW...HaShem of Israel), with a heavy heart of pain and agony.

But in all these, they still humbled themselves with fasting and prayers in reconciliation with their Heavenly Father so that they will obtain mercy from HIM(Chukwu Okike). 

After the Atonement of 2016, great things started happening again. God put a lot of confusion in the Nigerian government. 

Their genocidal President  Muhammad Buhari, was struck with incurable diseases and since then  has become a season of coming and going out of the country  like "Abiku" or "OGBANJE" (someone that is been terrorized by a marine spirit). At the end of the day, after being persecuted for so long, Nnamdi Kanu was granted bail with the worst conditions ever given to man in history, and because of his resoluteness, his fearlessness, his uncompromised faith in God,  and also the refusal of what others accepted in exchange for their people's freedom (BRIBE), he found more favour before GOD and Man.

Nnamdi KANU was declared another saviour of our generation by Biafrans because he had proved our enemies wrong who asked; "Can anything good come out of Nazereth(BIAFRALAND)? Oh Yes, something good has come out of her . 

IPOB became a university where journalists, newscasters, and writers are trained to international standard; place where the history of BIAFRA and Biafrans  is taught accurately; a place where the mistakes of our fathers made in time past is  corrected; a place where the scaffold of disunity among Biafrans is dismantled and another scaffold of unity ever seen among other nations of the earth was erected.

The high level of admission into this institution (Nnamdi Kanu's university - IPOB) increased so high that it became a very big threat to the ZOO and her creator (Britain).

The lost hope  of some individuals and people towards Biafra restoration was restored. The doubters of the struggle became its crusaders.

The increasing and unbelievable unity among the Biafran people was seen by uncircumcised, uneducated, and jihadist Boko Haram northerners as a very big threat and also a declaration of WAR against them.

It is very unfortunate that people of such mindset can still be seen in any part of this world living as a human beings in this 21st century, not to think of such humans with baboons and monkeys mindset to be in the seat of power before the children of GOD, and that is why I said it is very unfortunate to Biafrans.

And for the sake of those who have heard his voice and the impact of his works towards the restoration of BIAFRA through the help of the Almighty CHUKWU OKIKE ABHIAMA, and yet still have doubts in their minds like the doubting Thomas in the Bible, the Spirit of God came upon him once again as it happened onto him in a foreign land, but before then, the eyes of the wicked were blindfolded by HaShem so that His servant Nnamdi Kanu would have a successful second missionary journey in Biafraland. This gospel was preached in Anambra, Aba, Umuahia, IMO, Ebonyi, Igweocha and other cities in Biafraland with signs that followed. 

At the conclusion of his tour, he made a pronouncement in  his home at Umuahia and said; "CHUKWU ABHIAMA has heard our cry from His throne above and He has decided to take over this battle from us. From now on watch and see what is going to happen to the ZOO called Nigeria. And I can tell you, my brothers and sisters, that the way things are going right now God has indeed taken over this battle for Biafra's advantage. 

So, I want to draw the attention of all Biafrans home and abroad to the upcoming DAY OF ATONEMENT ( YOM KIPPUR IN HEBREW) that will start from Friday(29/9/2017) evening SUN SET to SUN SET OF SHABBAT DAY (SATURDAY)30/9/2017, As the day draws nearer, it is advisable that we make use of this divine opportunity given to us by HaShem once in every year to humble ourselves with fasting and also make it a season of reconciliation with our God.

For It is written.
If My people, upon whom My name is called, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their evil ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
 (2nd CHRONICLES 7:14)
Fellow Biafrans, l want to announced to you that after this ATONEMENT,  all Biafrans home and abroad should stand firm and await the SALVATION OF OUR GOD because the LAST MIRACLE that our LEADER MAZI NNAMDI KANU prophesied about will be fulfilled. And we shall all remember what he, sometime a go, said that we shall cry to the whole world but non shall come to our rescue until we turn to CHUKWU ABHIAMA, then He will hear us and deliver us so that we will worship Him forever and ever Amen. SHALOM. 

Written by: Danny West
For: Abia media team.
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