Who gave us the name Nigeria? We should ask the President that tough question, Was it God? we could ask, how do we come about the name we carry in our daily lives? There is no doubt that the name has no meaning I various Languages as far as I know. To many people the name does not invoke positive sentiment, in fact it invokes negative sentiment such as neglect, oppression in the hand of some officials that go by the name such as Nigeria police and Nigeria Army, now why are we still together? shouldn't one come to the conclusion that May 29, is not history but "histrionics" because they are playing games with a serious issue.

How can we continue to be in a country where we are not recognize and appreciated, we have all witnessed how the genuine aggigtation for resources control by our people who were forced to take up a militant approach after all their consideration where ignored by the central Government, is continually being reduced to that of criminality and most mind blogging is how Boko Haram lunacy is not condemned
in its quest. Nigeria has witness close to 10milion lives lost and there is no hope in sight.

They claim that Nigeria's unity is settled and not negotiable, Every country is a daily dialogue, and there is nothing finally settled in its life, if we were a settled nation, we would not be dealing with the many crises of nation building that are afflicting us today, which have made it extremely difficult to squarely and urgently face issues of growth and development.

Please don't tell me that Nigeria as it stand is non- negotiable, for me this is a fallacy, the nation has got to be negotiated , because anything is negotiable. I want to submit therefore that a clarion call for the survival of this fraudulent unity that is operational in Nigeria presently should be negotiation - based, by the Nigeria people, any opposition to this, is begging for rapturous disaster.

Truly, our founding father's agreed "one Nigeria" But let's not be quick to forget that "one Nigeria" was a needed mantra while the nation was in a tedious struggle to break out of British imperial rule, so a forced unity is not unity, and can't be sustained. After all two cannot walk together except they agreed. and Nigeria leaders are quick to say that the creation of Nigeria by lord lugard was the act of God, But the Christians among them should remember that Israel was God's own creation, yet, it later split into two nations, Israel and Judah. So nothing is permanent because anything is negotiable, only the right of people to determine their future is what is non- negotiable. so anything, including the country's unity is negotiable.

Written by Helen Daberechi Abel 
For Abia media team
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