I have maintained silence over the unfortunate and bloody massacre at a Church in Ozubulu not because it gladdens my heart but because I have been in pains. I have been in pains because the man wielding the responsibility as the Chief security officer of Anambra state connived with his paymasters the Hausa/Fulanis to hurriedly rush to the press media to announce that the massacre was as a result of two drug barons who brought their rifts back home from a far away South Africa.

It was unfortunate that some narrow minded Biafrans hurriedly accepted such a crap to be true.

I have been in pains because I never knew that people can still be so easily deceived in this present era where news such as that is enshrouded in utmost secrecy to serve the personal interests of some unscrupulous people.

In a bid to cover up the misdeeds of his paymasters, so that Biafrans will not know that the killings in Ozubulu was a well orchestrated terrorist attack, Governor Obiano rendered himself naked in the public place for all to see how deceptive he has been.

This is a wake up call for all Biafrans to know that the killing of IPOB members at Nkpor was equally planed by Willie Obiano the governor of Anambra state. It is indeed time for Biafrans to know that those we thought to be our leaders are slaves and sell-outs.

Their only concern has always been to enrich their pockets. So once they dance to the tunes of their Hausa/Fulani paymasters, they turn their eyes away from their subjects. Whether Fulani herdsmen destroy your belongings or even kill you in the process, becomes none of their business. They would rather go to the Hausa/Fulanis and shake hands with them for killing their people- all in a bid to maintain their political relevance in the contraption called Nigeria.

It is time for us Biafrans to begin to think like human beings and not animals. Let us know that no matter how we fear death, it remains an inevitable end to all living creatures. Let us remember the adage that says that good name is better than money. We must squarely and fearlessly begin to tackle our enemies.

Our Councillors, LGA Chairmen, House of Assembly members, House of Reps members, Senators, self-acclaimed leaders, Governors, Nigeria and all our people who still aspire for political positions in Nigeria are our enemies. We have to fight them with all in our arsenal. Whether they are our brothers, uncles, aunts, nephews, niece or our benefactors. We have to be on our feet and fight them to liberate ourselves from slavery and bondage in this geographical entity.

Our people have been voting in Nigeria elections for over fifty years without any tangible development to show for it, instead we have been left in abject impoverishment. Let us all wake up from our slumber now and do the needful. Let us boycott all elections organised by Nigeria at all levels starting from that of Anambra on November 18th, 2017, in the whole of Biafraland if they refuse to give us a date for referendum.

Remind any of your relative still living in the North to come back now. We have heard the purported statement of the Robotic president of the contraption called Nigeria and we can very well understand his body language.

Let me at this point say kudos to all hard core Biafrans who have stood their ground alongside our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu without fear. I assure you all of one thing. Biafra is already here. The enemy is dancing the last dance to death.

Be steadfast and we all shall soon reap the good fruits of our labour in Biafra, land of the rising sun.

Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live IPOB!!
Long live Biafra, all Biafrans and all that love Biafra and are working for Her freedom!!!

- Sunday Nwachukwu
   Enugu Media Team
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