Ozubulu Massacre

Please, this is not an article but a serious contemplation.  I am a Biafran and because of that I think issues through before reaching conclusion(s). Don't forget that I am a logician.  Let us do justice to this Ozubulu genocide in an artistic style.  Follow my train of thought. 

(1) The genocide took place on a Sunday and in a Church.

Question: Is the target someone who is never seen outside the Church? Does he live in the Church?  Is he a Priest?  Did he fly into Anambra State that morning? 

(2) The genocide took place in a 6 o'clock Mass.  

Question: How many wealthy men of the target's calibre attend early morning mass?  I ask because most wealthy and sociable men keep late hours and go home tipsy,  especially those that are not teetotallers.  Who really goes looking for an opulent man in a morning mass?  It is unheard of.  What happened to breaking into his apartment at night? My question does not mean I support crime. Far be it!  I am just doing a postmortem. 

(3) They saw his father and opened fire.  

Question: Really? What is his father's name? What about all the innocent lives,  including those of kids,  that were taken?  Were those also his FATHER?  When did assassins start shooting at everybody in worship centres? Such attacks took place in Maiduguri,  Borno,  and we all knew the culprits.  Who is trying to deceive us? 

(4) The so-called assassins shot innocent people in the head. 

Question: When did drug peddlers start behaving like terrorists on a religious warpath? Did drug running start in Ozubulu? Drug crises are always clandestine,  never public.  Drug dealers don't kill kids and innocents.  The criminal activities of drug peddlers is scientific (cognitive).  

(5) In record time of two (2) hours,  the combined team of the government and police uncovered the cause of the genocide.  

Question: Has this sort of speedy uncovering ever taken place in Nigeria?  Does it mean they had a premonition of the dastardly act?  Did they allow it just to score some undisclosed point? 

Methinks someone is not in good terms with the accused.  I am of the suspicion that the alleged culprit and his traducers have scores to settle.  Something impinges the idea of dirty politics on my mind.  Yes,  I think this accusation is political. In my series on bad African leaders - HOW BIAFRA WILL STOP THE UNDERDEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA BY AFRICANS  - I did expose the endemic corruption in leadership on this continent.  

Today, His Excellency,  Willie Obiano,  the Governor of Anambra State appears to be swift in unmasking the masquerade, but thinkers like yours truly know pretty well that there is more to this speed than meets the eye.  It is very possible that the governor sees the accused as a serious threat.  This collusion of Anambra Government and its police will become an open secret very soon.  You should ask yourselves why the name of the other faction in the war was not mentioned.  

Let me round off by saying that if Willie Obiano had no ulterior motive and unethical interest in this matter,  how come the killings of Biafrans in 2015 in the most gruesome way did not receive this sort of speedy attention?  The police and Willie Obiano will always live in the shadow of the true cause of these deaths.  God will continue to punish those who sit and watch as miscreants perpetrate evil.  I repeat, this OZUBULU  MASSACRE is a terrorist attack. Willie Obiano,  I dare say,  has become the extended arm of Hausa/Fulani conquest, because of his ambition.  Time will buttress my stance.  I join millions of Biafrans the world over to commiserate with the bereaved.  Dear Lord,  for how long will evildoers be condoned? How long?  Shall we all die because of Grace? Please,  suspend Grace,  for men have abused it,  and enforce the Law for a while.  Crush evil and its practitioners and prove to the master of evil that you live.   In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I have prayed.  Amen.  Amen! 

Russell Idatoru Bluejack is a thinker,  revolutionary writer,  university tutor,  and socio-economic and political analyst that writes with excruciating pains from Port Harcourt.
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