The unpleasant and unfortunate incident that happened at Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local government of Anambra state on Sunday, where many worshippers were murdered in cold blood inside a Catholic Church, is a rude signal that the Boko Haram Islamic fundamentalist sect or their cronies, has infiltrated the East and these killings won't be easily abated because we have eyes but can't see.

One wonders how can the State governor, Willie Obiano, come out within two hours after the gruesome attack to opine that the mayhem is related to a drug dealer gone sour? Why couldn't he wait for a thorough investigation to be carried out concerning the issue and also the interrogation of the eyewitnesses at the Church before concluding immediately that the target of the heartless killers came in search of the Father of the supposed drug baron?

Biafrans, we must arise and look beyond the physical because from the look of things, these savages are around with us. One of the eyewitnesses said the gunmen came with Army vehicle, dressed in full military attire, fully loaded magazine and then opened fire sporadically on the congregants of whom are mainly women and children. We should be more vigilant now because trained mafias don't shoot at innocent people.

The supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kalu predicted this but we took it for granted and now they are at our doorstep. And one thing to note is that once an attack is carried out by insurgents, the Nigerian government immediately tells a different story, and the next thing you hear on the media is that some arrests has been made and in a space of a month or two, nothing else will be heard about the attack. That is psychological working on human mind.

Biafra must be actualized this year. This is a clarion call for those who believe in freedom, liberation or emancipation, call it any name. Our fathers were not able to complete the building, and if we complete it, it won't be a bad omen. So, wherever you are, attune to have contact with the Biafra universe.

How can you tell me about peace when there is no equal right and justice in Nigeria. Northerners are the majority in the House of Representatives and Senate which invariably means that any bill presentation not suitable to them will be immediately yanked off.
Self determination is our right. Be prepared and be more vigilant.


- Ekene Bravo
  Enugu Media Team
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