Ndigbo should stop weeping, panicking, getting upset each time we suffer reverses, persecutions and rejection in Nigeria. When Buhari announces to the nation and the world that "Nigeria's Unity is not negotiable" or when an Hausa/Fulani Igbo hater, records a voice message in the name of AREWA YOUTH ordering the slaughtering and burning of all Igbo's and southerners (except Yoruba) who fail to leave the North before October 1, 2017.  Adverse situations (Pogroms, genocide, shrinking enclave, marginalization, loss of properties and Igbophobia ) like those associated with the Jews , the Holocaust, antisemitism, and tiny enclave around and within sworn enemies did not start today and may not end any time soon. 

It is not Nigeria's Unity that is not negotiable.  It is BIAFRA, and it is already happening. What is not negotiable is BIAFRA NATIONHOOD, national identity, or independence. Courage, perseverance, hard work will see us through.   Igbo kwenu! 

Igbo "ndi oma" philosophy will remove all obstacles on our way to self- realization and self- determination. Yes,  ours shall be like that of CATALONIA revolution. Thus, Catalonia system or " best model" of sound groundwork or foundation for self determination, simply means that we, the Igbo, Biafrans must begin developing and Industrializing our fatherland  from the grassroots prior to the date and day of the celebration of the independence of BIAFRA as a full sovereign nation. Period!

Defeated in war by the world powers, Britain, the Soviet Union, the Arab nations, that heavily assisted Nigeria and politically and economically humiliated the Igbo thought they had finished us.  To their chagrin, the Igbo people bounced back in a few years, competed favorably with their counterparts in the good things of life, except in development of IGBOLAND, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. The Biafran Engineers and Scientists that made an unbelievable outing that stunned the world during the period of Nigeria-Biafra war felt dejected, frustrated, and left the shores of Nigeria. The Igbo lost their best brains and no one seemed to care.

Their properties were declared abandoned all over Nigeria. The name IGBO, language and dialect, including anything associated with former kith and kin in the rest of Nigeria were declared anathema. The Igbo staged an incredible bounce back, with a meagre 20 pounds out of millions they had in the banks. The victorious Nigeria, led by Yakubu Gowon and Obafemi Awolowo ( Head of State and Vice) settled the defeated and devastated Igbo with just 20 pounds! The Igbo's survived and no one , not the wounded in war, not the homeless after the war, not even the poorest village was seen in the street begging for food and money. Igbo people had to begin life again and have proved they are not  finished yet.  

Written by: Hart Chikwado Chiemela
For: Abia Media Team
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