"Love does not rejoice in evil but rejoices with the truth."
That statement is made by Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians [13:6]. A very short and simple statement but those who truly understand it knows that it is a terrible statement. The statement is terrible because it is devastating. It is devastating because it scatters the human definition of love (One Nigeria) 

"Love does not rejoice in evil." Which means, love does not (and cannot) do evil. What is evil? And What does the Holy Bible mean by evil? Whatsoever that is wrong is called  "evil". Whatsoever that is sinful, is called "evil", Whatsoever that is unrighteous is called "evil" and  Whatsoever that is not in agreement with the will of God is also called evil. So, what the above statements are saying is that love cannot make a person to do what is wrong it is practically impossible. Whatsoever that induces you to despised or avoid doing wrong (sin), can't be anything but love. Little wonder that Jesus said that the commandments (all right doing) are summed up in love.

"God is love", that is another terrible statement from the Holy Bible which everybody quotes But, how I wish everybody (including you) will grasp what it entails because it makes nonsense of the human definition of love (one Nigeria).

Just as light (Biafra) and darkness (Nigeria) have nothing in common, God and evil have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common, Therefore, love which is God cannot make someone to do evil, however,  what most people call love can as well make people do evil, It can also make a man to continually enslave Biafrans in the evil contraption called Nigeria for individual self-aggrandizement... It can make a man or woman become Promiscuous, it can make a man defraud to provide for his girlfriend, it can make a woman steal to feed her children, and they connote it as motherly love towards her children, it can make people become serial liars In fact, there is a popular saying in Nigeria which goes, "If you have never lied to your girlfriend, you don't love her." Shame on the devil!

Human beings don't know God and Consequently, they don't know what love is all about. Let me tell you, most human beings have never loved, even for one second and yet everybody claims to love. Love isn't  affection, It is not emotions neither is its sentiments. In fact, love has absolutely nothing to do with affection, sentiments and emotions rather, Love is God and God is not your feeling, affection, sentiments, and emotions. God is supreme being he decides what he deems good and perfect for us and whatever He does is love.
Therefore, I don't want to go deep into the implication of that statement: love does not rejoice in evil in any way, this is Between telling you that I have many things to write, which I don't write because they are more than you can bear. By "you" I mean all of YOU, without exception.

But then, I must not fail to tell you that this terrible statement (love does not rejoice in evil) goes down to tell you that God does not recognize most (over 99%) of what we call marriage (one Nigeria) as marriage. As far as God is concerned, they are counterfeit Unions (marriages)..things that look like marriage but are no marriage. For God to recognize a marriage as the perfect one, it must have love as its foundation, the love in question is God, not sentiments, emotions and affection.
When affection, sentiments, and emotions brought a man and a woman together as husband and wife, God says, "No" to it because that is not a genuine marriage. It is marriage only when we (love) choose a man and a woman and bring them together as husband and wife." Our scripture says, "Unless God builds the house (marriage), its builders labor in vain." [Psalms 127:1]

I have said it before and I am saying it again: If God is to hold people by their marriage, there may not be one married person who will enter heaven but then, just know that many people will roast in hell precisely because of their unholy marriages. What God intended marriage to be is extremely opposed to human fancy. 

I have always said in previous articles that If after 104 years as a country and 57 years of independence although built on fraud, we are still looking for reasons to be together, then we should not be together. 

 However, the war is not over, only the tactics have changed, One could claim that a project of internal secession is unfolding, one that skirts the peripheries of Nigerian laws, testing what they permit, and daring what they do not''. 
when Biafra war ended, we had measures of what we lost and what we gained. Our hope and prayers were that the sacrifices made by so many Biafrans killed and massacred by some persons (Ponder) would have spawn to bring a new nation where equity, justice, and fairness will be for all. But instead, the reverse was the case. This time around the spirit of Biafra has risen and she is asking for independent because of series of injustice melted against her. It's either Nigerian government grant her that freely or with violence, if they chose war, I guarantee them that this time the war is not going to be fought on some distant battle field, the war will be fought among us, in the midst of us, the children will learn of it with their own eyes and the innocents will die with the rest of us .

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