By Chidiebere Kalu(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Nigeria has been a place where every form of evil is practised. Nigeria has no good record starting from its leaders to every department in Nigeria. The worst is that truth can never be heard and accepted in Nigeria. As Biafrans despite the fact that we are making Nigeria understand that we are Biafrans so that they will let us be instead, they are working tirelessly to bring us to nothing, which will never be. But it's high time Nigeria and her government understand how fanatical we are about Biafra restoration and think of their way forward because for them to keep fighting a lost battle will never profit them anything.

Biafrans are in every part of the world so is the spirit of Biafra. It's not by force to be a Nigerian, neither is it by force to cast one's vote, so Willie Obiano and his political group should be called to order because the earlier they learn that all we want is Biafra the better for them. We are very serious when we say there will be no election in the whole of Biafra land starting from Anambra state and as you have seen, we are not ready to change that. You and your co politicians have been doing everything possible to make us change our words, but it will never work for all of you. We want the world to understand how you people are planning your upcoming election so that they will know that we are not part of it.

Willie Obiano we have heard how you and your groups are planning to rig the up coming election in Anambra state by forcefully collecting people's voters' card to copy their names and serial number so that on the day of election it will be recorded that the people voted you into power even without their presence. Though this has been the way Nigerian election is being fraudulently conducted.

Leaders are appointed in Nigeria and not voted into power, even after making people stand and waste their time and money in the name of voting. At the end of the day, they will see another person in power. What happens in Nigeria is selection and not election, but now as Biafrans, we say no to that and we still maintain what we are saying which is that "there will be no more election in the whole of Biafraland. All we ask for is Biafra restoration; nothing more than that. At this juncture, we call on the United Nations and other international bodies to come up and fix a date for our referendum because Biafra is all we want.

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