By Arinze Chukwu (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Since the creation of Nigeria, there has never been peace in it. Basically because what was done was, putting oil and water together, which is impossible. But still wondering why the British government forcefully put us together, most likely because of their selfish interest.

Millions are dying every day in Nigeria just because of what a white man did. But is there any African man that has travelled to Europe to create a country? Why should a white man come all the way from Scotland to give us a name-Nigeria? And ignorant enough some people are proud of it amidst killing ourselves while the creators of the so-called Nigeria are busy enjoying our wealth.

In Britain, they are running a Christian country and true democratic system of government but in Nigeria, they gave us Bible and handed us over to Koran (sharia). What hypocrisy? In this country called Nigeria, there are two major religions; Christianity and Islam. Muslims in the core Northern Nigeria and Christians in the Eastern region.

The Christian faith believes in loving your enemies as your friends whereas the Muslims believe that you don't take the infidels (Non-Muslims) as friends. They believe that any religion other than Islam is not acceptable while the Christians believe in freedom of worship. In the rightful sense, there is no way things like this can ever work. It has never worked anywhere much less Nigeria.
How can a country that is supposedly a democratic country be talking about first class and second-class citizens? First Class and second class citizenship have become an everyday issue in Nigeria politically, socially and religiously?

Today, the Christians in Nigeria are treated as the second-class citizens in a country that is said to be one, they are killed like animals at little or no provocation. How can that be regarded as justice? In the year 2012, the federal government of Nigeria spent 5 billion in building an alamagiri school while there are millions of Christians who need to go to school but can't because nobody has built any one for them. A president from Northern Nigeria will always have this mindset of "we are born to rule" and use that to impose fear on others that no matter what election that may be conducted in Nigeria, they must rig it and win and nobody will say or do anything about it.

BokoHaram has been doing the dirty job of killing millions of Christians in the North but none of their members has been killed, those arrested by the previous regime are being released. In fact, the issue of Boko Haram has been swept under the carpet.

The key message to the world is that restructuring will not solve the Nigerian problem rather it would be worse than civil war because Nigeria is due to be divided.
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