BY Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Restructuring, as the term implies, has to do with reconstituting, revamping, reconstructing and reformatting. The issue making the rounds now is not new to Nigerians and Biafrans who can tell the story of the Aburi Accord, which was all about restructuring, although not exactly as the type being clamoured for today.

If the Aburi Accord was implemented by the then powers that be, the Civil War wouldn't have broken out. And maybe the quest for Biafra might not have attained its current height. But the then military Head of State courtesy of his misunderstanding and misinterpretation of English language broke the agreement. (How blind they were).

After the war, which was as a result of the broken agreement (Aburi Accord) on the side of Nigeria, General Yakubu Gowon came up with the 3 R's; Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration. The Biafrans received Gowon's pious declaration without the reconciliation, rehabilitation and reintegration as promised on15th January 1970. In contrast, enormous resources were used, and is still being used, to rebuild the North and the West, which had less or no impact of the war on them; yet they still want Igbo and Biafrans at large to subscribe to reconstruction in lieu of referendum or outright freedom.

Did the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba agree to implement Jonathan's 2014 confab to restructure Nigeria? No, they voted him out because it was coming from a Biafran. The Nigerian political elites, who are calling for restructuring because they want the mandate of the poor masses during the forthcoming elections, are still the ones destroying the so-called structure that needs restructuring. Whenever the call for Biafra gets stronger or other regions cry against their marginalization, they remember restructuring. Within them (the owners of Nigeria; Hausa/Fulani), they know that Biafra and Biafrans are marginalized in every area or sector of this white man's experimental contraption - Nigeria. So, they always use restructuring to distract the Biafrans. Not anymore.

Shame on Ohaneze Ndigbo who said they have abandoned Biafra to embrace one restructured Nigeria. They are not well knowledgeable about history to know that Biafra is not an Igbo course. Igbo is just an extraction of Biafra. How can an ordinary group in Igbo who cannot boast of at least 2000 people halt the restoration of Biafra championed and campaigned for by over 10milion people around the globe, which has gained the support of foreign countries?

A mental revamping should be carried out on these absolutely corrupt money-laundering politicians, who are shouting for restructuring because they know that Nigeria's breakup is inevitable. They need mental restructuring for subjecting the youths to poor quality education, where they learn nothing about history, thereby rendering them susceptible to mental conditioning as one of their political tools.

You call for restructuring whereas a so-called secular country is duly registered in the Arab League of Nations and in the organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). Will that registration be revamped?
It's asked in Igbo language, "Ihe oga eme gi ugboro ole tupu I Mara ihe? Ana esi na ihe mere onye ozo amara ihe". It's believed in Biafra land that only fools learn from experience other than from history. So, we have learnt from both history and experience and we are saying NO to restructuring.

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  1. Restructuring equates to corruption, injustice & lawlessness reshuffled! Biafra wants a referendum! Biafra needs a referendum! Free Biafra🙏🏾