History according to the definition of Full English Dictionary is "The aggregate of past event". In other word, it simply means the whole record of past event. Every nation of the world has history and it is being thought to the growing up ones both in various schools of learning and in different homes by tutors and parents, but here in the contraption called Nigeria the case is quite different and odd, because no one is being thought any kind of history either in school or domain, one with reasonable sense of belonging would strive to discover why.

We grew up from homes where no body teaches us our history, out of the urge and curiosity to know about it, we applied to study history in the higher institution of learning as a course of study, but to our greatest astonishment we are being taken far from what we anticipated to know before we venture into the field of study, instead of doing the needful more of other peoples history which was inported to us through writing and publications are often times thought leaving the bone of contention, at the early stage of our higher learning we thought they were still warming up to enter into the main business, but on getting to the middle and final stage still nothing to show up with as regard to knowing our true history and identity as a people, then we realized that it is not the fault of our lecturers whoes obligations are to tutor us on whom we really are, because it is impossible for one to give what he do not have, these people might have not been thought, not to talk of teaching others, even those that by all means got the knowledge do not have the backup to do so as the government has earlier removed it from the school curriculum.

Instead of teaching us what we need know, they will create an enemity between the Igbo speaking Biafrans and other ethnic religions in Biafra, saying that we do not love ourselves, and after that they will further frighten us by saying that the experience of the civil war in 1967-1970 beteewn Biafra and Nigeria was such a terrible one that no body would like to have again. While they are scared to tell the story of what happened to Papa Africa, if only Mama Africa (Ethiopia) will review what happened to Papa Africa (Biafra) then they would all run to seek where to hide their shameless faces. From where did the black in America, Brazil and other places in the western world originated from since they are known to be whites? They are Papa Africans (Biafrans) taken into slavery decates ago due to their high level of  mental productivity and today they have contributed to the high development of America and places of their domain.

This has left those to whom it may concern in wondering what the government of Nigera is hiding that made them to evacuate the true story of whom we are as part of our learning activities in schools, even when we go through tooth and nail to know of it, answers to these questions and more could not be provided till the coming of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and his devoted teachings in Radio Biafra London. According to Nnamdi Kanu in one of his lecturing in University of Radio Biafra London, he said "The day your true history will be made known to you, many will run mad to the streets" Behold, when he tried to open it and delivered a little of it to Biafrans on whom they are, millions came out to the streets to struggle for their freedom, despite the efforts made so far by the Nigeria government and their allies to thwart it by arresting and killing Biafrans yet stopping the qest for Biafra restoration has proved abortive. The more you kill and oppress them the more they come out because their eyes has being opened to know what no Higher institution in Nigeria could teach them.

Being in school is another way of creating history because after the stage of an infant, you becomes an adult. often times we hear them say that we are the future of tomorrow but from all indication, we are not seeing the evidence for prove that we are indeed the future of tomorrow, as those that has been in position of leadership before we were born are still in control till date and they do not have the intention of leaving the stage soon. when on earth will tomorrow come to be that we will start controlling things and make it better? The teeming youths has been paralyzed by the cabals in whoes hands lie the contraption called Nigeria, when the future of young people in any society are not guarantee, such society has no tomorrow and the state of Nigeria now will tell more, the rich continue to be rich while the poor continue to be poor, hence the increase in moral decadence.

But days are gone when we die out of ignorant having seen the man through whom chukwu-okike-abiama is bringing us into the knowledge of whom we are, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB who has vowed to restore the lost glory of Africa by restoring Biafra because it is in Biafra that Africa died, we have made up our mind long ago to stand with him in the struggle despite all odds, because weeping may endure at night but joy comes in the morning.

Now that you have known our stand, you know what you ought to do and you need not take much time before you do that since delay is dangerious, all we are asking is for referendum to be conducted for us to determine if Biafrans still want to remain in Nigeria or not, failure to do that we the IPOB under the command and control of Nnamdi Kanu will boycott every Nigeria election in Biafra land and we are going to start from Anambra gubernatoral election coming up on Saturday, November 18 2017.

Long live Biafrans!
Long live IPOB!
Long live Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live lovers of freedom!
All hail Biafra!
- Ogbodo kosisochukwu and Ogeh Friday
  City Media.
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