I had a nice time with my IPOB family at Iriebe, Rivers State. I watched more than 35 new inductees take the oath amidst boisterous jubilation. The men, women, and able-bodied youths that had come to further swell the mammoth crowd were excited, and so was I.

We have to celebrate Coordinator Uche Macanthony and his team for the excellent job they are doing. I always revel in the love and reverence they accord me each time I deliver lectures there. In a short while we shall have the BIAFRA BULLETIN powered by that zone in circulation. The bulletin is a fallout of the series of discussions Macanthony and I have had for long. It is actually the brainchild of a foremost lecturer in the Department of Philosophy who doubles as the patron of NIGER DELTA ALLIANCE FOR BIAFRA group. Watch out!

Today, however, I want to react to the concatenated spurious tales that have become the hired talebearers' stock in trade. Let us lay emphasis on them and collectively deflate them all.

(1) That Mazi Nnamdi Kanu dislikes GEJ and, by extension, Niger Delta.

That is an obvious whopper, an instrument of division. First, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not a politician and, as such, has no business with political assessment of any man. When he made that speech in 2014, his intention was to make us see that politics cannot solve our avalanche of problems, for even though GEJ was from the South-South, he ended up kowtowing to the dictates of the Fulani cabal. This very old speech was reproduced by Donald Ekpo out of exasperation, baseless envy, and inexplicable malice for the Igbo and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The same Ekpo went on air to order for my arrest. Dear Biafrans, be guided. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has absolutely zilch against our own GEJ. I see GEJ as a very good man, but a very weak political administrator, especially concerning how it is played in Nigeria. He lacked the needed political foresight to understand the Agbada group. They will never love a YAMIRI. Maybe Donald Ekpo thinks he loves GEJ more than I do. We must differentiate between love and blithering stupidity. Case dismissed!

(2) Someone said Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is better than Jesus Christ.

That person was hired by the panicky enemies of the struggle with a view to scuttling it. What has become the trend of our enemies is the deployment of Igbo politicians who use their Igbo name to dispirit others. How can the son of God, Mazi Kanu, even contemplate that rubbish? Can Mazi Kanu be a believer and disrespect Christ? I see that offensive assertion as a manifestation of a dismal level of destructive propaganda. Let it be known now that Prince Kanu is a follower of Jesus Christ on a salvific mission in Nigeria. His job is to show us the way out and the method to adopt. No amount of lie can dissuade us. He is being led by Christ and we shall follow his lead. Forward ever. We must stop taking these fake Igbo names seriously. Be wise! A real Igbo man will never disrespect Jesus Christ. If Mazi Kanu were not loved and shielded by Jesus Christ and the host of celestial beings, he would have been assassinated long ago. Like Daniel our hero went into the lions' den -Nigeria's prison - and came out alive. It takes one who loves and adores Jesus Christ to attain such uncommon feat. Start thinking.

(3) That the IPOB has abandoned the other 3 prisoners.

This is also a sign of exasperation, for there has not been Court appearance after Mazi Kanu was bailed. You can see how foolishly formidable and pitiably unrelenting they have become. Note that the next court appearance is slated for July. If IPOB abandons its people, how come all our people that were unjustly locked up were released? When a soldier runs out of ammunition everything becomes a weapon in his bid to survive. That is a ne'er perfect way to describe the malfeasances that have characterized the enemies of our freedom.

(4) That Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should unite the Niger Delta and South-East so that the Igbo can reclaim their properties.

Very funny. The Igbo name that ludicrous assertion is credited to is a pseudonym. That was how the North pitted our regions against each other by giving properties of the Igbo back to them in the North whilst declaring same abandoned here in South, after the war. Now that they prognosticate the likelihood of a reunion, they have come up with this weak tactics. Niger Deltans should be wise. A homogenous Biafra will leave the South-South as a territory to be Islamized by Uthman Dan Fodio's descendants. The Igbo are the real bulwark against expansive Fulani religious and political conquest.


1) To soil the image of the arrowhead of the struggle, thereby making him internationally unsellable. But they know it has not worked and never will.

2) To distract us from our primary duty of crushing the lies with the truth. Keep releasing those pieces of information. You can see they are always on our walls to post trash. It is a sign that we are hitting them where it hurts. Keep doing that, beloved. Don't stop.

3) To bring the agitation to its abrupt end. Their godless intention has boomeranged, because it has become the reason behind the sustained agitation. More people are keying in. What they do not know is that some human northerners wish they were Biafrans. Oh yes, there are some northerners who clandestinely wish they were HUMAN ENOUGH to be admitted.

Ask yourselves why Nigeria does not want us to go. Is nationhood by force? Why force us to stay against our wish? My brothers and sisters in Niger Delta should ask themselves why the North have become so concerned about their freedom? Niger Deltans should note that this concern is simply about the predatory relationship the North enjoy. Yes, northerners keep telling our people that the Igbo hate us so that the oil wells here can continue to be theirs. Of course, if Niger Delta joins the struggle, the northern ELITES and BOURGEOIS have a lot to lose. Who does not know that? Niger Delta must take a stand very soon. We are all Biafrans. Let MUTUAL LOVE and RESTORED SOLIDARITY lead the South-East and South-South out of the cesspit of destructive propaganda and into the LAND OF THE RISING SUN.

Spare a thought for the martyrs. A lot of people were brutally killed by Nigeria. They did not die for us to be dissuaded by tissues of lies from their killers. Let us stand together. Let us follow Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's lead without fear or devious doubt. He, for whose sake our Father in heaven showed us rainbow vertically above us all in a hot afternoon, is indeed our divine pathfinder. Go through the images and regain the needed revolutionary animus. Some of us have told our parents that we were born for this struggle. Some of you need to be fully baptized. Let us trudge on, beloved compatriots. We have come too far to even contemplate a retreat. The force of attraction is stronger than the force of repulsion. God is in the middle of it all. Why should we be afraid of the chariots and horses? All hail Biafra!

Nigeria, we reject thee.
Biafra, we long to see sunrise and sunset in thee.

- Russell Bluejack
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