It is no longer news that the utimate life ambition of Rochas Anayochukwu Ethelbert  Okorocha, (the current Executive  Governor of Imo State) is to be the President  of this unfortunate, ill organized, retarded and British contrived  zoological contraption called Nigeria.  This ambition is the trigger behind his anti-Biafran Stance, posture, and his nauseating and empty vituperations against this mass movement of restoration of the Kingdom of God on earth.

To Rochas Okorocha, every other aspiration should be dropped, subsumed and consumed by his selfish and inordinate quest for the presidency of Nigeria.

The quest for the restoration of Biafra according to this over ambitious man, must be quenched with every imaginable and unimaginable water of death, so that he will realize the futility of Presidential ambition.

It is of this his desperate voyage  that he has decided to sell Ndigbo to the Hausa – Fulani, so as to curry their support for his visionless and futile ambition. This is also why he has become irredeemably blind to the fact that the train of the Biafran restoration struggle has moved far ahead of him. He has been left behind to continue shamelessly in swiming alone in the odorous, stagnated and poisonous water of his presidential ambition. He is too desperate that he is  ready to decimate anybody who stands on his way to the presidency.  This quest has mentally deranged him to an extent that he uses every available opportunity he has to denounce the Biafra Struggle and overtly working for the assassination of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

But then he knows in his heart of heart that no one, absolutely no one can kill an idea whose definite time has come. If it were to be in the good old days, Rochas Okorocha will be treated as an efulefu (outcast), and sold into slavery for betraying and subduing  the righteous and divinely ordained struggle of the people.

Rochas Okorocha’s actions and inactions cannot and will never scratch the surface of Biafran struggle. He will forever remain what he is! Of course, an attention seeking noise maker. If he likes, let him call and address one thousand press conferences against our struggle, Biafra must be restored in a very short time by the special grace of Chiukwuokike Abiama.

His only option is to cross over to his Hausa – Fulani kith and Kin in Nigeria and become their President. We wish him goodluck in his cross over in the future.

- Ndubuisi Nwokedi 
  Imo Media Team 
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