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I was startled by the brisk transformation from politics to activism evinced by governors, traditional rulers, and self-acclaimed activists.  More shocking was the chorus about restructuring emanating from some market women and street traders, most of whom had no inkling of its acceptation.  Yes,  in their bid to fight and dissuade Nigerians who had listened to the leader of IPOB, Prince Nnamdi Kanu,  they had to manufacture this mantra in furtherance of their divide-and-rule tactics - the same tactics that divvied up the old Eastern Region into SOUTH-EAST and SOUTH-SOUTH.  Trust Nigerians,  most of the gullible ones down South fell for this new invention and became the ones telling others why RESTRUCTURING was preferrable to SECESSION. When this failed to yield the desired result, going by the crowd that thronged in various states to welcome the heroic arrival of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu,  the politicians,  their lackeys and cronies,  resorted to re-explaining soft secession vide referendum as a DRUMBEAT OF WAR.  

Perturbed by the glaring attempt to reinvent the destructive propaganda deployed by the North and West in yore,  I decided to take us all down memory lane with a view to proving that numerous attempts at restructuring, since 1945, were neither total nor successful. In my essay titled "The Need to Totally Reject the Call for Restructuring," I showed that several commissions in the past were set up for the same purpose, all of which failed.  Nigerians, especially some of us found in the politically and economically prejudiced and excluded regions,  have inexplicable phobia for literatures on history and have become susceptible to the whoppers coming from those whose goal it is to make Nigeria their PRIVATE PROPERTY,  forgetting that nothing becomes yours save when your effort is immersed in it - John Locke's Private Property.  The youths in the adversely affected regions in Nigeria - South-East and South-South - have become pawns before the deprave political class who find them useful and discardable at will.  What a shameful thing!  The real cause of this ugly situation cannot be far-fetched, since we all know that education transforms  a person.  Our youths, especially those on the streets,  some of whom are truants, have chosen evil over good and have become the invalids fanning the deleterious  embers of politicians.  They, the self-made invalids, are the ones that brandish machetes,  axes,  guns,  and all manner of injurious objects prior to and during elections in Nigeria.

We knew quite well that RESTRUCTURING was a hoax,  a distraction, a resort for those who felt wounded by the loud and unflinching call for dissembling this contraption via REFERENDUM. Unsettled by the rapt attention given to the IPOB crusaders by Nigerians and the world,  the dinghy politicians and oppressors convened exigently and birthed this mantra, which aim was to split us further pending its eventual  demise in the Red and Green Chambers (National Assembly). One thing has to be made crystal clear here: the call for RESTRUCTURING was never true.  It was just a ploy to divide the IPOB household, but, seeing that it had hit the rock, it had to be retracted lest the people think they were serious.  Do you see why politics in an oppressive enclave like Nigeria will continue to keep Nigeria in the cesspool of underdevelopment? Every right-thinking occupant of Nigeria knows that anyone canvassing for the sustenance of the spooky ONE NIGERIA does not mean well for us,  since this so-called nation is in tatters, with no solution to her hydra-headed quagmire in sight.  

It is no news that the Bill seeking autonomy of state/regions was killed at the Senate on July 26, 2017. As a matter of fact,  I think its quick death is the baptism needed to make our people down South pay attention to the voice of wisdom.  The Niger Delta, my own region,  is peopled by very gullible  humans - people who are ready to clutch at anything in their bid to fatten their purse.  Why would anyone be shocked at the outcome of Senate Plenary Session?  What happened to the Bill seeking recompense for the South-East through SOUTH-EAST DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION?  Furthermore,  what happened to the Bill seeking the RELOCATION OF OIL COMPANY HEADQUARTERS TO REGIONS FROM WHICH THEY GET THEIR RAW MATERIALS?  If the National Assembly killed the aforementioned bills, then someone should tell me what structural change has taken place in the Senate that made us to expect a different result. Nigeria, it has oft been said,  was fabricated as a gift to the North. Nigeria is of the North by origin,  governed by the North, and for the North. Democracy becomes UNDEMOCRATIC when a non-northerner becomes the Commander-in-Chief; but even DICTATORSHIP becomes the best DEMOCRACY as long as a northerner sits there.  

Now that the mantra has been jettisoned, having failed to make the IPOB cower,  what next?  I write to admonish against complacency on our part.  Our foes are working behind the scene. Take note that the abruptness in killing the mantra was in response to the threat by AREWA Youths, who swore to wage war against their political elites should the mantra evolve from PLOY to ACTUALITY.  In other words,  RESTRUCTURING, as chorused by our elders,  chiefs, governors, and self-acclaimed activists was wiithin the whims and caprices of a bunch of non-literates in the North.  So much for ONE NIGERIA, don't you think?  Those in the South-South should put their acts together and fashion out ways to work with the IPOB under the indomitable leadership of Prince Nnamdi Kanu.  Restructuring has become a derelict.  Let us put our differences aside and work with the South-East for the birth of Biafra Republic.  Secession through non-violent REFERENDUM is the panacea to lasting peace in our sister regions.  The death of restructuring by 48 to 47 votes in the Senate should excite us all to pursue the IDEALS of the IPOB with intimidating gusto.  Whilst  enjoining the IPOB to up its game,  I think we should click the glasses and pop the bottles for a huge victory recorded.  Our collective will has proven that the POLITICIANS are zilch without the PEOPLE.  THUNDEROUS CHEERS TO OUR INDEFATIGABLE LEADER, MAZI NNAMDI KANU.  We have resolved that there will not be election in Biafra land.  So shall it be.  

All hail Biafra! 

Restructuring, I reject thee. 
Referendum,  I embrace thee. 

Russell Idatoru Bluejack,
River's  Team Leader

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