By Innocent Onyeji

Biafrans Anybody trying to Frighten you into Voting come November 18th in Anambra State, by telling you that a Military Sole Administrator will be imposed if you Boycott the elections is a Liar from the subcutaneous part of Hell.

First and foremost reason is that this is a Democratic regime, though in name only because this is a regime that still flout Court Orders. So the thought of Military Administrator is downright nonsensical.

Secondly, it is Civil disobedience and there is simply nothing wrong with that. However, If you Boycott the Elections, and it was declared Null and void due to lack of participation or low turnout, the Only thing they can constitutionally do is to swear in the Speaker of The Anambra State House of Assembly, whose tenure is yet to expire. Cause when the Governor and His Deputy Are nowhere to be found, and in this case the seat has been declared vacant, the Speaker will assume Administrative duties immediately. That's what their Useless 1999 constitution says. It is there go and read it by yourself. Educate yourself and break free from their chains of subjugation. Know ur right.

After Six(6) months the tenure of the Speaker will expire and New Elections will be ordered. If they fail to give us a Referendum date, we Boycott it again. Until they give us a date for Biafran Referendum. We will continue till 2019 when the Speakers Tenure will expire.
2019, We'll now Unveil Plan B.
So anybody telling you nonsense. Call the person an illiterate fraud to his face, spit on him and move on.
Ask them if they are so sure, why are they Panicking and pissing their pants. Mandating Civil servants in Anambra to submit their Voters card under duress or risk loosing their hard-earned monthly wages for July till September? Let nobody deceive you, Nov 18th is Ofe Nsala day.
Share and make sure it gets to those sitting on the Fence. Daalu nu!

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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