There is something about Biafrans the world must know. That the world must wake up and appreciate the special gift of God and the natural ingredients that sustain the world today. Biafrans are the salt of the earth, they are the light of the world and they are the staunch species of human beings you cannot remove from your world. There is nowhere on the planet earth today that you cannot find a Biafran. Biafrans are special species of human beings that will come to you and adapt with you. Do you think they are ordinary people? No! 

So many people all over the world mistake the identity of Biafrans. They have been subjected to lots of interpretations and misinterpretations by those who do not understand them, those who think they are Nigerians and by those who have never known the ideal Biafran. Biafrans are unique kind of human beings that the world has failed to realize and respect for who they are. 

Biafrans must be respected for who they are. Biafrans are those whose ancestors founded the tropics of the Bite of Biafra. Biafra are a people who have suffered most from slave trade even after the advent of freedom to slaves all over the world that brought the end to slave trade, a group of slave masters have refused to take their dirty hands off. 

50 years after the genocide committed against Biafrans, the world is still keeping quiet as if there are no human right organizations in the world. Why it is that nobody in the whole wide world is asking a question. Should the call for a Biafran referendum be wrongly interpreted as the call for war? Why is it so only in Biafra land? 

The levels of injustice against Biafrans are so enormous. Have you ever considered the personality, ingenuity and the intelligence of a Biafran? What is the world turning Biafra to? Biafrans are the most intelligent people on the face of the earth today. You may not really like them but your world cannot survive without the Biafrans. Biafra has become a force on the earth today and nobody cares to understand what will happen to the world if Biafra freedom is not guaranteed. 

A people who have been forced to migrate to all nooks and crannies of the earth like refugees yet it appears that the world does not take note of them. Should slave trade still be on in the 21st century? Should Birafra remain slaves even in their own land? Where are the United Nations, where are the human right organizations and where is the conscience of religious groups all over the world? Why should Biafra ask for a referendum and the world close their ears as if Biafrans are slaves to the world and should never seek for their freedom?

A people who have been wailing yet the world powers to their shame are all hiding their faces to pretend not to hear. A people who have been marked out for total annihilation by Britain are barely clamoring for survival and total freedom. To clamor for survival in a free world is the greatest evil facing Biafrans on the earth today. The real enemies are not the Hausa Fulani, the Arewa youth have made it clear, the real enemies are the British cabals who have been manipulating their colonial contraption called Nigeria. 

The new system of manipulation is through the supposed sick president. The Nigerian media have announced severally that the president is well and healthy yet he does not speak to Nigerians, he has become the new subject that take the selected ruling class to London. They go to take new assignments on how to subjugate Biafrans. 

They have used all the resources taken from Biafra land to subjugate Biafrans to 21st century slavery and now the Indigenous People of Biafra have risen through the supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to condemn the hypocrisy of the world, reject the Nigerian system by saying no more election in Biafra land until Biafra referendum is announced and the people all say yes.

No more election in Biafra land starting with the Anambra election and the earlier the Biafran referendum is announced the better the world becomes. God bless Biafra. 

Written By: Bright Oriaku
Anambra State Media 
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