If  the  Governor of Imo state will forget anything so soon, it will not be the event of today (4th July, 2017). Rochas Okorocha who planned big today with the wide media boasting to have over three million man match against Biafra was shocked with the turnout of events today in Owerri.

The Governor who forcefully shutdown all the markets in the metropolis and ordered the traders to move down to Dan Anyiam Stadium as a take off point of the anti Biafra match, was shocked to meet an empty stadium.  Those who supposed to be in the stadium were seen outside the stadium in group discussions. Those who spoke to the Imo Media Team (IMT), stated that they are members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) who were invited by the state Government to show the world that Imolites are against Biafra restoration. “We were told to come here with Biafran flags to show how we hate Biafra. And as you can see, we were given money and these shirts, and we have our Biafan flags to show. But I can tell you that the event of today will shock both the host and the observers. That is all I can say! We know where we belong to and will not relent in using this opportunity to show it”, the  man who doesn't want his name on print stated.
The Imo Media Team who was on the ground to monitor the event reports that there was an empty stadium and few men spotted at the stadium were some Hausa/Fulanis. The low turnout of people and the subsequent singing of pro Biafra songs by those paid and dressed, led to the Governor’s sudden cancellation of his planned visit to the stadium. After a long wait for the Governor to address his visitors which he never turned up at the stadium, the people peacefully protested within the town with songs of praises on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Coincidentally, the tone of the event was changed with the passage of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who was passing through the state from Anambra to Umuahia. Spotting and hearing of Nnamdi Kanu’s passage, the crowd never minded the heavy downpour to express their ecstasy on Nnamdi Kanu. The crowd Rochas Okorocha could not get despite his timely and financial wastages was given to Nnamdi Kanu within some minutes of the news of his presence in Imo. There was a great turn out of men and women on hearing that Nnamdi Kanu was passing through the state to Umuahia.
The mammoth crowd accompanied Nnamdi Kanu from Onitcha Road to Egbu before been pleaded by Nnamdi Kanu to allow him go. It took a heavy plea from Director of Radio Biafra for the people to allow him go as many insisted they want to accompany him down to Umuahia under the heavy rain fall.

It will be recalled that Governor Rochas Okorocha and other so-called  South Eastern Governors have been getting declining supports since their Nike Lake Resort meeting, where they made their anti Biafra press statement. Unarguably, the events of Owerri today (4/7/2017) pose a great threat to these peoples rejected leaders.

Report By Imo Media Team (IMT)
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