Authors:          Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu 
                           and Membis Godwin
Editor:             Onyechere Ugochinyere 
Date:                7th July 2017

 Torn between war and peace 
As feelings no longer at ease
As destinies have long ceased
As faiths long destroyed and quashed
As hopes totally sucked out and smashed
As folks perpetually living in fear and in penury
And as a child whose mother has died at a very tender age
So has Nigeria as a country failed its citizens.

See as fear has gripped people’s minds and too scary are they  
To confront those dubious hooligans they voted into power.
See as the mantle of leadership has been monopolized by total misfits and the country’s parliament filled up with human vultures.
And how they come to be in that position still beats my imagination.
A Country so corrupt that its citizens live in perpetual damnation,
Nigeria, a failed nation!

The tribulations of life have brought fear into the minds of folks;
Every now and then people get knocked out by human wolves
And dying no longer new a thing 
Still, life must continue for the living.
But living in the zoo is like traveling in a burning train
In the end, things still go down the drain.
Nigeria, a failed country!

Chaos everywhere in this poverty stricken society 
Where trust has been long deleted in the minds of all and sundry.
People using people to achieve their evil aims,
As the righteous can no longer be ascertained
In this failed country called Nigeria.

Where Baboons and Monkeys are the kings,
Where the intellectuals serve the finks,
Where the nobles are controlled by the cabals,
Where court orders are constantly flouted
With impunity and none dares to challenge it.
Where lawyers are always neglected, assaulted and humiliated.
Where human rights are continually trampled upon
And if you dare challenge it you are done!
Where a dead president still rules the nation
And none has raised a finger to confront the ugly situation.
Nigeria a failed nation!

But only Biafra Restoration will set things right
Only the raising of its flag will again make the day bright
Only this God’s beautiful nation
Will save Africa from damnation
Let us come together now and advocate for its restoration,
For Biafra is the only hope of a common man.
Only Biafra can redeem Africa from the evil grip of the white folks.

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