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With reference to your previous speech about stopping Biafra agitators and the sudden emergence of the mirage called 'restructuring' of Nigeria; Mr Obasanjo , you may need to know that IPOB is used to your old /out dated tricks and divide and rule system inculcated into you by your slave masters-the devilish Hausa/Fulani and the British.

You have forgotten so soon when you publicly insulted the people’s general Chukwuemeka, Odumegwu Ojukwu, calling him a fool, for embarking on the war, you can’t push Biafrans and also tell them where and how they will fall; it is generally unacceptable. You have urinated on the grave of our fallen heroes by meddling with IPOB/Biafran affairs.

Biafrans of 2017 is not the ones of 1967. The Biafrans of 2017 are different. You can’t insult Biafran leaders and expect them to clap for you; it is no longer business as usual. Mr. Obasnjo the killer, IPOB and Biafrans have determined to match you word to word and action to action because they are determined to get Biafra at all cost this time. Don't you know or have you not heard the IPOB slogan “Biafra or death” that shows they will go any length to make sure Biafra is restored in truth and in every honesty.

Remember that the pioneers of 'one Nigeria' are Biafrans, the likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alex Ekwueme, Goodluck Jonathan and others, after making huge sacrifices to refresh an expired commodity called Nigeria, all those huge and great efforts proved abortive. You are aware that one Nigeria can’t work but you want to protect your Callous and selfish interest and that of few criminals like you and other politicians in Nigeria.

Biafrans expected you to go on exile and eat your loot and blood money. One of your past speeches which you publicly confessed how you killed millions of Biafrans, raped their women collected properties belonging to them; some properties were shared among war criminal friends like Gowon, Burhari etc. Now you are indirectly telling Nigerian government to assassinate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by giving such wicked suggestion as "use any means to stop Kanu/IPOB.”

IPOB and Biafrans never took their eyes off the ball or blinked the eyes for one second. Every Biafran is aware of the deadly role you played during the war and running. No matter any negative assistance you are rendering to the Nigerian government in other to disorganize IPOB or even kill, maim and intimidate Biafrans, you need to know that nothing can make Biafrans change their minds.
Mr. former president Obasanjo , Biafrans regard you as a devil's advocate and your level of intelligence always channel towards negative intentions.

You are aware that sooner or later you will come out publicly to tell the world under the watchful eyes of the International Criminal Court (ICC) how you and your colleagues killed Biafrans.
IPOB perfectly understand why you are fighting against the restoration of Biafra from every angle. But then it is too late to cry when the head is off; no amount of interview or press conference will save you from going to jail because you have committed global, human and heinous crimes against Biafrans.

Your freedom is just remaining 5% to complete down loading. The covered secrets will soon be uncovered and you would be exposed. If you were a nice person among the people of Oduduwa, you won't be watched stepping into hell without being cautioned.
In Biafran we stand.

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