A million tears are being shed everyday by Biafrans, paying with their blood, as if the bloods of Biafrans are required as atonement to fill the hollow created by the falsehood called Nigeira. Even if it meant so, the blood have been flowing since over 50 years ago and now there is a river of blood flowing, politicians must be satisfied to have been drunk. Everything about Nigeria is unpleasant, corruption is the foundation of the constitution and to fight corruption is calling for war against Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi was so kind to have call Nigeria a zoo, a zoo for goodness sake, have some sort of control, respect for nature and life is highly protected, yes, even in the zoo life is highly respected and protected by the zookeeper.

Nigeria should be treated as the most deadly virus on earth, it transmits corruption anywhere the name Nigeria is pronounced. Everything works in a reversed order and the constitution; as though it was designed with corrupt intention is always a point of reference to deny human right instead of protecting the same.  A country where the Police form road blocks to collect N50.00 and refusal may mean action, in a minute life bullets are fired and you a labeled a criminal, for your refusal to do the wrong thing, one firing of the gun, a life is lost and the tears continue to flow, please give him the N50.00, save your life and continue your journey. That is what it means to be a Nigerian, One Nigeria at gun point, one Nigeria by a pool of blood and one Nigeria by a million tears. The case of Nigeria leadership has become the case of a blind man leading a blind man; both will definitely fall into a cistern.

Leadership in Nigeria is purely an avenue for old, uneducated, lousy, hypocritical bigots to fill their insatiable greed. The only thing they are interested in leading is their bile-filled stomach.  But this evil-begotten selfish mentality of the present day Nigeria leaders is nothing new.  The forceful amalgamation of Nigeria was not done for the sole purpose of its citizen but for the British government and their blood-thirsty recruits that goes by the name Hausa/Fulani. Speaking of your right as a human in Nigeria is like standing in front of a starving lion and instead of running; you try to give him reason why he should not have you for supper.

Biafrans are not safe in Nigeria; the Hausa/Fulani are seriously screaming hates for Biafra by the Kaduna declaration and the government sweeps it under the carpet for us to simply shut up. The Yorubas are dancing the drum of dubious indecisiveness as they enjoy a temporal place in power whereas the real men in the North (the Northern elders) prepare themselves, ready to declare war.  They have made it so clear that Nigeria and everything in it belongs to them yet, Biafrans are murdered for asking for referendum and tears continue to flow.

Nigeria descended into anarchy from inception and the several military interventions seemed to be the alternative.  It was the best moments for corrupt and deadly politicians like Obasonjo, Babangid, Buhari and their co allies. Nigerians have never known what it meant to be patriotic and have never enjoyed peace and unity in the country. The Nigerian independence was fraudulent; it never worked and can never work because the foundation was fraudulent.

The worst scenario is that in spite the genocide committed against Biafra and continuous incarnation of Biafrans, the world body has remained silent like there is a new definition of justice and equity in the world today. The world body has remained silent to a million tears on daily basis by Biafrans.  Could nothing urgent be done when the rights of the Indigenous People of Biafra are being trampled upon? 

Just consider the level of illegal detention, rape, massacre, and injustice on Biafrans. Can you whip a child and expect him not to wail? Does the world expect Biafrans to undergo the most horrible experience ever known to man and not shed a million tears?  Consider millions of souls that died in the genocide committed against Biafrans, and consider the loss of Ken Saro Wiwa and eight others. A million tears to those murdered in Aba, Igweocha and Onitsha by the tyrant Nigerian government.

A million tears are being shed in a million ways and denying Biafra the right to freedom is condemning them to death because this time around, it is either Biafra freedom through a peaceful referendum or death.  Biafrans have rejected everything in Nigeria including the Nigerian elections.  The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra has made it clear that there shall be no election in Biafran land until the date of Biafra referendum is fixed.  Biafra is travailing, a million tears have given birth to a million groaning, travailing in pains still focused, resolute and formidable there is no going back until Biafra is restored.

 - Onyinyechukwu Nnabuko
    Anambra State Media 

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