By Immanuel Chimpuruimeihenile Ukoha (Abia writers)
Livingrich Ezeikpe
The ultimatum given by the Hausa/Fulani for Biafrans living in the North of Nigeria to vacate that part of Nigeria before September 30th, when thoroughly looked into is a blessing in disguise as it is said that 'there is always a Laurel in the ugly head of a toad'. It was as at this same time that the children of yisrael were given orders to vacate aretz mitzraim (land of Egypt)which means the land of misery or oppression in Hebrew, after Moshe rabbenu (Moses)through the power of God(CHIUKWUOKIKEABHIAMA)had cast plagues on the land of Egypt.

Pharaoh and his courtiers having less or no option ordered the children of yisrael to vacate their land. So it is with us the children of Biafra, who by every chance are the descendants of Yaakov (Jacob). We have been told to vacate the land of our oppressors following the emergence of IPOB, the rallies, the 100% compliance of Biafrans on the 30th May 2017 sit-at-home protest, the dwindling economy and the fulfilling words of a prophet ,Nnamdi Kanu, sent a strong message of near end if not end to them. They saw the handwriting on the wall, which made them to hold one secret meeting after the other and came up with a notice.

A saying goes this way "give a dog a name and hang it". They have given us every available bad name and thought they had hanged us by giving us a quit notice. Biafrans should comply with their notice, vacate their land , return home and develop their fatherland. Few people saw it coming, while to others it is a surprise. The likes of Nnamdi kanu who saw it beforehand, warned them to return home, but they didn't pay heed to his advice. Now the fate is like that of Shylock the Jew whom the Romans striped of his wealth and riches.

Hausa/Fulani herdsmen will take over their properties in no distant time.The likes of Mr. Boniface Ibekwe (Eze Igbo in kano),who is so gullible and shortsighted and has forgotten that NDUBUISIAKU, will not see the opportunities buried in this ultimatum, but the wise ones with Biafran blood running in them will see it as a chance to get their landed properties legally registered and come back home and invest because it is said in Igbo that "ANA ESI N'ULO MARA NMA PUO AMA"(charity begins at home). They should return home and invest because there is no amount of good deed you can do to please Aboki, Igbos do say "ONWEGHI IHE I GA-EMERE NWA IKO GI NWANYI YA KPOO GI NNA" ( You can never please your oppressors).

They should register their landed properties, return home and then wait for its fruition when Biafra comes. Aboki cannot manage those properties they are not entrepreneurs. So, the properties if well registered will still get back to the rightful owners. It is sacrosanct that Biafrans all over Nigeria not just in the north should return home for the upcoming referendum.

We, Biafrans, have rejected their restructuring; all we need at this auspicious time is BIAFRA.
If Obasanjo can threaten the life of our leader, who are you that won't be killed and be given to pigs to feed on there in the north. Biafrans should return home. It must be done now, because,
Eme ngwa ngwa,emeghara odachi.

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