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■ July 6, 2017 


There is no doubt in my heart that United Nation is hypocritic, bias and against the freedom of Biafran people. Biafrans has been agitating since 1966 till date to gain their freedom from the contraption created by the British Government also known as "Nigeria," Their quietness since the present Biafra agitation is nothing but a shame and a mockery of the right of indigenous people as stipulated and enacted in "United Nation Charter of 2017".
Despite the genocidal war against the Biafran people by the Nigeria government and orchestrated by the British government, where 3.6 million Biafrans were massacred in cold blood between 1966 to 1978 yet, no effort was made to arrest or even question these war criminals by United Nation. United Nation, an international organisation founded in 1945 following the devastation of the second world war two(2) with one central mission in maintaining international peace, security, better living standards and human rights never showed any concerned in that vicious and bloody war, which lasted for three (3) good years and some months. United Nations whose Responsibility is to maintain peace and security around the world never considered it necessary as their duty to know the cause of the war outbreak and to use the appropriate tools available to stop the conflict in order to save lives, if they had acted accordingly and involved themselves actively as they do in other countries of the world were there are crisis and conflicts, genocide wouldn't have been committed on Biafrans. United Nations with her hypocritical manners of dealing with issues affecting the ordinary indigenous populace who has no power to speak for themselves failed to call for a ceasefire when Ojukwu pleas for it in 1969 are at it again, and the world must be at alert on the pretentious attitudes on the side of the United Nations. There are several petitions by the Biafran to United nation on the illegal arrest and killings of their people who are only exercising their rights to self-determination, but to no avail, the petitions and even the numerous protests at almost all the United Nation Offices around the world were met with a deafening silence.
United nation who has refused to compel the Nigerian Government to conduct a referendum is still pretending on the plight of Biafran people while they keep attending to other countries with fewer conflicts what an injustice of the highest level on the earth? Ever since the war ended, United Nation has not condemned the genocide committed on Biafrans, not even to make any move in ensuring freedom for Biafran people. United Nations should please answer this few "questions" why have you decided to play politics with the lives of Biafrans people? What use is United nation if they cannot protect the lives of the poor masses and ensure their rights are not violated? Biafran Freedom is all we need now! I'm calling on United Nations to live up to their responsibilities and set the Biafrans free because Biafrans freedom has been denied for decades they have been suffering in jail and turned as slaves in their father's land, they cannot buy or sell as a people, all these atrocities were committed on Biafrans just because we asked for our freedom, even the birds of the earth and fishes in the rivers have their own freedom, several Indigenous people around the world today who agitates for freedom have all gained their freedoms, why can't Biafra people gain their own freedom? Genocide and senseless killings are still ongoing in Nigeria why can't United nations hear our plight and support our freedom? Must we go into another civil war before United Nation hears our cry? We the Biafran people don't need war because it will lead to another civil war that will instigate into third world war, I know you may not like another world war but, remember that until the basic human rights are being equally guaranteed to all without regards to your race or colour there will be war everywhere, until United Nation protect the rights of the poor and treat them with respect there will be no any problem in the world, justice has to be done and carried out by United nation, to avoid conflict and crises . United nation must not forget the declaration on the rights of indigenous people which was adopted by the general assembly on December 2007,and it is with this declaration that I urge the United Nations to order the unconditional release of all Biafra activists and also issue a warrant arrest to those who committed genocide on Biafrans at the international criminal court( ICC)
I wish to crave the indulgence of the United nation, world court, Amnesty International and other human rights groups around the World to please use their good offices to facilitate the restoration of Biafra because it is in line with United Nation (U.N), European Union(E.U) and African Union (A.U) Charter principles of equity and liberty for all and I pray that God will give you the understanding to do the needful because we cannot continue to see the blood of Biafrans being spilled in Nigeria. Time is everything, Biafra freedom is now, and United nation must act now and should any civil war arises again, United Nation (U.N)should be held responsible.
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  2. Similarly as the United Nations carried on after Climategate One of every 2009 as though it had never happened, it was undaunted by Climategate Two.
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