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■ July 6, 2017 

WRITTEN BY NNADIEZE ERIC On the 30th of may 1967, over 30 million people from different parts of the Eastern region was seen standing by and waiting for the declaration of the state of Biafra by Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu , it was a clarion call for Ojukwu to declare the restoration of Biafra over all the Eastern region, thus, he is to discovered for a sovereign state of Biafra following the unfair, killing and inhuman treatment the Nigeria government have subjected Biafrans to, led by Yakubu Gowon - and the Northern oligarchy under the control and dictates of the Britain . Before Biafrans were butchered in the streets of Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, etc., an estimate of over 50,000 people was killed in a day, houses were burnt, goods worth millions were destroyed. This wrongful act left many to wonder if Biafrans are seen as chickens in Nigeria. When it was clear to Biafrans that they had no place in the contraption called Nigeria as they have been met with a heavy laden of marginalization.

However, it was clear to them (Biafrans) that the Nigeria state been controlled by the Hausa /Fulani will have at all cost kill or annihilate their identity, interests, dream as a people, the brave men, and gallant youths had no option but to take the bull by the horn which is leaving the Nigeria state so they can exist as a people and fulfill their great potentials. In the same vein, following the declaration of the state of Biafra, the people were very excited that they now had a country they can call theirs, a country they can live in peace and exercise their God-given freedom and rights without the fear of intimidation, harassment. A country where they can fulfill their dreams of trade and industrial revitalization over the dream of commerce and business, the dream of technological prowess, etc.
Oh! The people were happy that their freedom is here, but little did they know that forces of darkness had conspired to form an obstacle to the God-given freedom they have been given. Britain, Egypt, and Nigeria had agreed to exterminate an entire race from the face of the Earth. What seemed to be an impossible task has turned into a blood bath. Three years had gone, and over 3.5million people including innocent women and children had been killed and murdered from the face of the earth without committing any crime, a defenseless generation, innocent and promising. Oh! See how a beautiful dream is about to be ended, Oh! See how morning has turned into darkness, Oh! See how destinies have been destroyed, hope and dreams have been cut short by the enemies of Biafra, the people are back to their nightmares this time with agony and penury.
Alas, how time fly, our hero's and heroines are gone, the fighters of that war A potent prince, the defenders of human rights are no more, but the massacre never stopped, the marginalization and tortures continued. The people are left in the middle of a deep blue sea without the hope of surviving is minimal, could death be the end? God forbid! After 50years in darkness and agony, suddenly a tiny light like a light from a match stick sprang up; but will it survive the test of time? Or will it raise the hope of the hopeless and still disappear living us in a more darker world to perish like others did?

Consequently, it was not long I heard a voice that sounded like a roaring lion in a radio station; I was told the radio station is called Radio Biafra. This voice kept thundering with full confidence without fear of anyone, lo it is a voice of redemption , freedom again has come calling, it is a voice of truth, it is a voice of hope, it is a voice of one saying prepare ye oh forsaken people of God to leave this evil land to a land blessed with milk and honey. I kept wondering whose voice is this? Who could this be? When I inquired from my dad, he said It is the voice of Nnamdi Kanu. This voice never Left my mind, oh! How I love to listen to this voice every day of my life, but my house is located in a remote village, no clear signal to hook up, what do I do, I had to climb to the roof of our house every evening just to get a better signal so I can listen to this voice. I'm still lost in thought, how certain can this be he is the Messiah, will dead hope and lost identity be restored by him? I kept myself busy by searching through history.

After much effort, this is what I found, and I quote "A POWERFUL PRINCE WILL ARISE FROM A TRIGGER OF THE GUN NATION. HE WILL BE THE ENVY OF OTHER PRINCE (I.E the other Prince will try to subdue him), BUT ALL WILL BE FAILURE".This is Nostradamus prophecy, a man who lived 400years ago; he had predicted correctly almost all the major world event including the second world war. Etc, all his prediction are 98% accurate. After finding this prophecy, I went into deeper research to know this man called Nnamdi Kanu and this is what I found; is he Nnamdi Kanu a prince? Yes, Is Biafra found in a trigger of a gun nation? -Yes (see the map of Africa) Are there other Prince fighting him? Yes, (uncountable), equating all these to Nostradamus predictions shows that Nostradamus was right. Nnamdi KANU will bring us Biafra. Oh, our dreams and the dreams of our fathers is gradually becoming a reality.

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