ENUGU— Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, belonging to Ugbene 2 and Ava-layout zones, Abakpa Nike, Enugu, yesterday embarked on a massive rally to sensitize the public on the need to steer clear of Nigeria elections until referendum is conducted to determine the fate of Biafrans in the country.

The zonal members in their numbers, stormed major streets in their vicinity to register their anger with the Nigerian government while calling on the general public to join the struggle for their liberation as there is no hope for Nigeria.

They danced and chatted various Biafra war songs and other songs of freedom as they matched in unison with Biafra flags in the air.

Leading the rally, the Ava-layout Coordinator, Mazi Festus Ifesinachi Apeh noted that “what informed the rally is the quest to restore Biafra and we will stop at nothing until freedom is achieved”.

He said: “What we did today is just a protest rally. We're registering our anger against the government. We're registering our vote of no confidence on all our leaders - both those in APC and PDP. Anybody that is still working with the Nigerian government, so long as IPOB is concerned, that person is a looter, what they're practising in Nigeria is lootocracy.

“And it is on that premise that we Biafrans decided to stand with the truth and that is Biafra. Truth is Biafra, justice is Biafra, equity is Biafra”.

He made it known that Nigeria as an artificial creation by Frederick Lugard in 1914 was destined for failure even as he urged members of the public to join in the rally.

“This is going to be a weekly program and we must continue. Those who wishes to join us must come out now. No retreat, no surrender until we achieve our aim,” he posited.

Commenting on the upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra state, he dismissed the possible involvement of IPOB in the election, adding that they are not ready to vote for the incumbent governor, Willie Obiano, after overseeing the brutal killings of thousands of IPOB members in the State.

“We the Biafrans, we're the electorates and because what we see in Anambra state as engendered by Obiano's administration which has overseen the mass killings of so many IPOB members and other innocent individuals without saying anything to that regards.

“It is on that note that we believe that Anambrarians will not participate in the elections. It is only those who are beneficiaries of the loot from the government that will participate in the election.

“For me and every other persons who feels disenchanted from the government will not participate in the election. The power belongs to the people, like you know in latin 'vox populi vox dei', the voice of the people is the voice of God.

“I believe the Anambra electorates have disowned Ohanaeze and every other group campaigning or clamouring for elections in Anambra state. Where there is no justice, we will not participate in any election in the land of injustice,” he affirmed. 

 - Chukwuemeka Chimerue 
    Enugu Media Team
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