By Amandikw Chukwugoziem.
(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
"To vote" means the formal expression of one's opinion or choice on a matter under discussion.
"To intimidate” means to influence by frightening.
The governor of Anambra state recently ordered all the civil servants in the state to present/submit their voter's card before they can collect their August salary! What an intimidation. My question here is, is it the edict in the civil service commission that civil servants will present their voter's card before receiving their salaries? That is the kind of governors we have in Nigeria, the kind of governors, who impose themselves on people. The right to vote or not to vote is based on the free will of the electorate and depending on his conscience. It is not something of a force.
Since the creation of Nigeria. Peoples' rights and will have been violated.

Elections in Nigeria are marred by violence, irregularities and malpractices of varying degrees. Starting from the first election in the 1950s, which was rigged by the British. Sometimes, during electioneering campaign it always degenerates to violence that usually leads to killing of people or inflicting serious body injuries on supporters of the opponent; Youths are turned into political thugs, tools to intimidate opponents; they are used to snatch ballot boxes and other voting materials. Often, those who are wealthier make use of police or security personnel to force people against their will. Elections in Nigeria have never been democratic; it worsened under this APC government.

There has not been any conclusive election since this government came into power and these elections witnessed high level of violence. Good examples are the re-run elections in Bayelsa and Rivers states, there were cases of violence like never seen before that resulted in multiple fatalities. This election in Anambra state coming up on the 18th of November, 2017 will be the test of how resolute IPOB and Biafrans as a whole are by embarking on the boycott as directed by the leader.

Boycott as a mark of civil disobedience is a legal action to drive our pursuit for the restoration of Biafra through a referendum. This is our civil right, which must be performed according to our consciences. Why will the governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano force himself on people by asking them to present their voter's card before they can collect their August salary? The question is how much does Obiano owe the workers or have they all received their salaries?

Furthermore, one may be forced to think that Obiano, has an evil plan in this forthcoming election of 18th November 2017.We all know that this voter's card is electronic, if these cards are submitted to him as he has requested, he may use it to manipulate the result of the election in his favour.The right to elect representatives belongs to the people. It is a will thing; not to force them against their will or conscience.

Biafrans be wise now because a stitch in time saves nine, use the tools in your hands which is boycott and apply it on the 18th November 2017 in Anambra state election.
All hail Biafra.
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