Things will never remain the same anywhere in Biafra land. Biafra has risen, never to fall again.  Days have gone when politicians had it their own way, this time around; the power of the people must prevail. The battle line has been drawn between Obiano and the rest of the people in Anambra Biafra land and the peoples’ will must prevail on the 18th November 2017.

The world cannot forget atrocities being meted against Biafrans especially in Anambra. The Nkpor massacre, which Obiano hired tyrannous blood thirsty joint army and police force to shoot and kill armless and innocent Biafrans. Yet they did not allow us to take the bodies to be buried, they made away with the corpses to unknown places. Should those killed at the bridge head of Onitsha also be forgotten? Biafrans must boycott the Anambra election to reject this murderous government.

The Biafra restoration is far bigger than just one person, Governor Willie Obiano is becoming so ambitious to forget that enough blood have been shed in Anambra and he does not show any form of remorse, he works hard to exonerate himself, but the people know the truth about him, that if he was not the sponsor of the killings, he should have at least stood up to the occasion and defend the right of these innocent

Willie Obiano cannot hide the fact that his hands are soaked with the blood of innocent Biafrans and no Biafran can be forced to vote the government that is only committed in killing, intimidating and standing against Biafrans and the Biafra restoration. Biafra referendum cannot be shortchanged with the dubious Nigerian election.

Governor Willie Obiano is aware of the success of the 30th May sit at home observed by Biafrans, knowing that the same level of compliance is about to be recorded once more, fear griped him.  At this height of mischief, he is rolling out the worst of his weapons in conjunction with the tyrannous army whom he has employed to kill and intimidate innocent Biafrans during rallies, he has vowed to stop the rallies and stop IPOB activities as well as arrest the supreme leather of the Indigenous People of Biafra but Biafrans are fearless.  We know Obiano is only trying to show his frustration and it is too early.

It could be recalled that some weeks ago, Obiano mandated all workers to submit their voter’s card or risk their salaries, as if voter’s card has become the bases to qualify for monthly enumeration in Anambra state.  Obiano should be called to order, election is not by force and Biafrans can no longer be intimidated.  Obiano must stop abusing the powers in his office and use the remaining days in his office to atone for the atrocities he has committed against Biafrans. A word is enough for the wise because there is no going back to Biafran referendum.

No Election in Anambara,
No Election in Biafra Land,
Biafra Referendum is what we ask for.
God Bless Biafra.

Authored by
Onoja Christian Obinna
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