By Goodluck C. Ekeagba(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
On paragraph 5, Stephanie reported that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was "obscure" until his establishment of Radio Biafra. Sadly, it didn't occur to Stephanie that everyone undergoes this obscure stage until they attain a certain level of "relevance" in life. Being obscure is not unique to anybody. It's a universal experience and therefore not strong enough to defame the character of Nnamdi Kanu.
Paragraph 6 reads, "though he grew up in Nigeria's southeast and went to the university of Nsukka, Mr. Kanu moved to the UK before graduating."
Stephanie, don't you know that it could take up to 5years or more to study a 4-year course? Don't you know that poor facilities, cultism, corrupt practices of lecturers, etc., has dragged Nigerian standard of education to the mud? Don't you know that certificates issued by Nigerian universities are not worth more than the papers on which they are printed? Don't you know that the numbers of Nigerian students from rich families are three times more than those studying in Nigerian universities? What is wrong with Nnamdi Kanu, haven seen no future in a Nigerian university, moved to UK (the home of his oppressors) for his studies? He, probably, moved to UK in order to study techniques of conquering his enemies.
Stephanie, if you studied Literature it would not be a difficult thing for you to know that, "we need guns and we need weapons is a metaphorical reference to 'hardcore' or 'diehards'. Has it ever been reported that IPOB members were found with guns?

Stephanie (in UK) suggested on paragraph 11 what questions a Nigerian Judge should put forward to Nnamdi Kanu. We're not ignorant of the fact that Britain is meddling in all affairs in puppet-country Nigeria. We are not surprised either. Is Nigeria an independent country? Far from it, Nigeria only got flag independence as such, like a puppet is controlled by Britain the puppeteer with strings.

Stephanie reported that one million casualties were recorded in Nigerian-Biafran civil war. This report is not only false but also brutally wicked. How could Stephanie report one million when over five million Biafrans were killed in a genocide sponsored by Britain? It's obvious that BBC's report is a clear attempt targeted at ameliorating the genocide crime filed by IPOB in ICC against Britain.
Deducing from Stephanie's report, it is quite glaring that both the writer and the BBC are in support of the stringent bail conditions spelt out for the release of Nnamdi Kanu. If my deductions are correct, it means that the writer and BBC are in support of the fundamental human right denied Nnamdi Kanu by the court.
On her last paragraph, Stephanie wrote, "what the interest in Mr. Kanu and his movement shows more than anything else is Nigeria's 50-year failure to put the idea of Igbo separatism to rest.
Stephanie, you and BBC should go ahead and suggest to Nigeria, in your usual manner, what to do in order to put the idea of Biafra freedom to rest.
We are waiting for your suggestion.

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