By ARINZE CHUKWU (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The world is placed on notice that the SEPA Group in Nigeria, headed by prince Chukwu Emeka Okorie, is not part of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB). The group is a paid agent of Nigerian Government.

From the time the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was illegally arrested by the agents of the Federal government of Nigeria, the Department of State Security (DSS) in his Hotel room -Golden Tulip Essential Hotel Ikeja, Lagos State on the 14th, October, 2015, this so called SEPA group has not said anything regarding his illegal arrest and the illegal detention for a year and six months before he was granted bail.

The IPOB under the leadership of MAZI NNAMDI KANU, had on different occasions organized several peaceful demonstrations against his illegal detention by the Department of the state security (DSS).The Nigerian security services like Police and Army have been in the business of clamping down on IPOB members by the use of live bullets and SEPA has not condemned any of these evil acts of Nigerian forces.

SEPA the South East People's Assembly wants the Federal High Court in Abuja to revoke the bail it granted the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, MR. NNAMDI KANU.
That was not all, they also worked hard to disrupt the 30th of May 2017, but Chukwu Okike said no to all their evil efforts.
Prince CHUKWU Emeka Okorie, the leader of SEPA, describing the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra as a stooge is a big insult to all the indigenous people of Biafra both at home and abroad.
The SIT AT HOME PROTEST that was successful in all Biafra land including IGALA, IGEDE IGBANKE, ITSHEKIRI ETC and that of diaspora is a proof to the world that Nnamdi Kanu is a leader of the people. BIAFRA is never Nnamdi Kanu's personal agenda as quoted by the SEPA group rather it is the will of the people to restore back their lost inheritance and nation given to them by the most high God, Chukwuokikeabiama.

If Biafra is Kanu's personal agender, the people can never for any reason close down their markets, Companies , Schools etc in the name of struggle for Biafra. So the issue of Biafra is the peoples' choice. Nnamdi Kanu is only the leader of the people. SEPA, the South East people Assembly which I personally tagged the enemy of Biafra on 31st May 2017, reminding the Federal High Court the stringent conditions against the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra must be seen as wicked and evil move. It is on record that the Civil Society Organizations (CSO), the IPOB and others condemned the conditions.

Asking Nnamdi Kanu not to speak is a denial of his right to freedom of speech. Asking him not to travel is a denial of freedom of movement. Asking him not to meet with people is a denial of the right of freedom of association. All these conditions given to him are because he is a Biafran.
The world is placed on notice on these evil acts of SEPA and Nigeria and should as a matter of necessity call the Nigerian government and their agents to order because we the indigenous people of Biafra will never fold our hands and watch these evil men commit another Genocide against our people.

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  1. Not all that is a Prince should be called or regarded as a Prince. This so-called Chukwu Emeka Okorie is a big time disgrace over taken by jalousie rage, personal wickedness, evil minded and he does not deserve to be called or regarded or categorized a Prince! King Okorie should call his Shameful demonic son Chukwu Emeka to order who is already eaten up by his own evil deeds!!! stupidity!!!