By: Goodluck C. Ekeagba(Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
On Friday the 12th day of May 2015, the Supreme Court seating in Abuja
finally declared Governor Okezie Ikpeazu the rightful winner of the 2015 Abia gubernatorial election. This judgment came as a shock to many especially those who had hoped that justice and fairness would have prevailed. As a result, Aba residents greeted the verdict with mixed feelings.

While some people felicitated with the Governor—singing and dancing around the Enyimba city with all the major markets closed down, others murmured and expressed disappointment first in INEC and then in Nigerian judiciary for eventually declaring Governor Ikpeazu winner. They swore never to waste their time, energy and money going to polling units, standing on queues under scorching sun to cast votes that would never count in the end.

They recalled regrettably how they trooped out en masse and massively voted for the APGA candidate in the person of Dr. Alex Otti. But the victory of Alex Otti — the will of the people — was thwarted, and justice perverted. Dr. Alex was the first to challenge Governor Ikpeazu's victory in court, followed by Barr. F.N. Nwosu and lastly, Uche Ogah.

Electoral malpractice or misconduct (rigging) is one of the evil seeds planted in the soil of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general by the Europeans, especially Britain. It should be recalled that the first ever political crisis in Nigeria occurred in 1963 when the Northern elites led by Tafawa Belewa concocted the 1963 census in favour of the Northerners. That was the first population census conducted in Nigeria after independence. It resulted into political tension and unrest through out the nation. The Eastern elites led by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe frowned at the result because it was an intentional misrepresentation of the true Eastern population. The census malpractice was suspected to have been sponsored by Britain in a bid to give the Northerners absolute political control over the Southerners.

Overbearing influence of the Europeans over African nations is getting out of hands. They fix wars and sponsor political unrest in Africa; as we fight and kill ourselves in a stage-managed political war, our common enemies are busy breaking into our Treasury and looting the treasures.
They sponsor their loyal political looters against the will of the people. This evil cannot be seen in the State of Biafra because Biafra shall be the only African country void of European dirt and influence.
Abians and lovers of uprightness, we have no hope in the Nigerian State as it stands. We must work together towards the sole goal of restoring this holy land of our ancestors. Without this homeland, all our dreams and aspirations shall come to naught. We must remember to honour Great heroes who laid down their lives that our name may not be erased — 30th May, SIT-AT-HOME is a must.

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