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Biafra is a Nation made by God himself. Chukwuabiama blessed Biafra with intelligent, talented and hard working human resources as well as so many natural resources. Before the coming of the British into Biafra land, every citizen of Biafra lived well and there was equal right and justice in the land. The environment and climate as of that time was so good that every individual was healthy.
Biafra is made up of many different tribes like Ijaw, Ishekiri, Ibibio, Igbo, Igbanke, Igala, Igede, Idoma and others, they were blessed by chukwuabiama.

When lord Lugard came to Biafra land he saw that the land was blessed, the people were intelligent and hard working. Most of all he saw that the people are republican in nature as such do not bow to anybody quite unlike their northern counterparts. This way his indirect rule that worked in the north was near impossible. He decided to install chiefs but this did not go down well with Biafrans, they resisted but were later subdued by military might.

In 1914 Lugard amalgamated Biafrans and Yorubas in the south with Hausa/Fulani in the north and called it Nigeria. This is for administrative purposes and to enable him run north and south with the wealth in the south because north is very poor. After the amalgamation, Biafrans who are blessed with good heart lived in Nigeria for many years with love but Nigerians never loved Biafrans rather they are envious. This envy and hatred led to many massacres of Biafrans in the north, which culminated to the 1967 Biafra vs Nigeria civil war.
The war lasted for three whole years, and so many Biafrans were killed, their women were raped and young ones were slaughtered. Nigerians were fighting a war of extermination because they wanted to wipe Biafrans off the surface of the earth, but Chukwuabiama did not permit that.
Nigeria never believed the war will last that long because Biafrans were fighting with locally manufactured weapons while Britain, Russia and Arab countries supplied and fought for Nigeria. In 1970 the war ended and Gowon declared no victor no vanquished. Since then Biafrans are living with Nigeria but yet they still hate Biafrans.

Nigeria decided that Biafra will not come into existence again, so they strangulate Biafrans economically, politically and socially. They look for the slightest opportunity to kill Biafrans. Even when there is a problem in far away Europe between Muslims and Christians, they will kill Biafrans. Till date they are still killing Biafrans with their bokoharam, Fulani herdsmen, the military and even civilians.

Chukwuabiama has stood to fight for Biafra himself by sending his divine prophet Mazi Nnamdi kanu. Nnamdi Kanu was preaching the gospel of Biafra, which was not favouarable to the Hausa Fulani. They conspired with some greedy Igbos to kidnap him in other to stop the gospel he was preaching. Unfortunately for them, that was the fire needed to ignite the passion in Biafrans. After kidnapping their leader, Biafrans all over the world started spreading the gospel more and wider. The gospel of the restoration of Biafra reached to the ends of the earth. It became difficult and near impossible for Hausa Fulani to stop the gospel. When the heat became too much for them, they bowed to the superior power of Chukwuabiama and released Nnamdi kanu.

Why have these Hausa Fulani refused to let Biafrans go? They don’t love us, they told us that we mean nothing to them and the question is, if Biafra mean nothing to you, why not let them be free.
Chukwuabiama has promised Biafrans that they will be free some day, so Biafrans never loose hope for the appointed time is now, let us join our hands together and make the kingdom of God to be established here on earth. We can do this through love and unity.

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