By Goodluck C. Ekeagba(Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
On May 29, 2017, Seun Opejobi published an article on Daily Post, written by The Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma. The article was titled "Biafra Day celebration: Igbos should ignore IPOB, MASSOB sit-at-home order". The Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma is the Archbishop of the Enugu Province of the Anglican Communion. He said this as he was advising people of the South East to ignore the order by people he referred to as "pro-Biafra group".

My dear "Bishop," if the people of "South East" as you called them, were to choose between one of two orders to obey, which order do you think they would obey, yours or Nnamdi Kanu's?
Bishop, don't you know the significance of the sit-at-home order? Did you not lose any relative in Nigeria-Biafra civil war? Why are you deceiving your followers? Don't you conduct memorial service in your church? Have you never observed a minute silence for the deceased? Why are you deceiving your followers? Why did you refer to your own people as "people of the South East”? Is South East the name of your country, which was forced into amalgamation by the British government in 1914? Don't you know your history?

Bishop Chukwuma gave the advice when he was speaking during Democracy Day celebration and second year anniversary of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in Enugu. He made it clear that the clergy were not in support of the sit-at-home order.The clergy have never been in support of the struggle for the restoration of this holy land of our ancestors, yet we (IPOB) are advancing the quest to beat their widest imagination. If you, Bishop Chukwuma, have decided to thread on the same path Father Mbaka threaded, it is advisable you ask him his experiences with IPOB. Where has his popularity gone today?
We know those of you clergy who betray common interest in search of 'food'. You worship filthy lucre yet you preach repentance. You organize a special service any day a fat-belly politician is coming to drop part of his loot in 'your' church. It can only be 'your church' because the Lord of the church who does not dwell in or behold iniquity has long left the church for you and your corruption. You celebrate politicians who wangle their ways to power by 'hook or crook' without protecting the interest of your poor church members who, in their state of impoverishment, still manage to pay their tithes and offerings to you. According to the Clergyman, “Before I offer the opening prayer, let me first of all state the position of the clergy on the sit-at- home declaration by IPOB and MASSOB".

Bishop, you are aware of the fact that Hausa/Fulani soldiers are currently shooting your so-called South East people in Aba? What have you said about it? Have you ever condemned publicly the extra judicial killings of your so-called South East people throughout Nigeria by agents of darkness?
He continued, “We are not in support of the call. We advise all to ignore it and go about their legitimate businesses". Where, in which part of the country are you advising them to go and not get killed? They are killed at home. They are killed abroad. Where should the people of 'your South East' go for their legitimate businesses?

You mingle, wine and dine with those who are busy plotting our untimely death yet you advice us. What hypocrisy! Why should we not obey the command of him who was bruised and incarcerated for the sake of our freedom?
Nnamdi Kanu was imprisoned for his people's freedom. Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, what have you done for your people?

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