If you are one of those who opposes the notion of secession, this message is for you. I respect your opinion, I truly do. You have learned to think for yourselves and not allow some politician to drive your intellectual processes. Every viable democracy consists of people like you, who believe in the dignity of the individual. On this point, we are not so much unlike each other. We believe in the dignity of the human mind. We also believe in thinking for ourselves because we are inherently divine beings, only modeled in mortal forms.

However, I implore you to pay close attention to our perspective. Consider the philosophy that motivates the march of the IPOB through the topographic space of South Eastern part of Nigeria we fondly call Biafra. Calls and appeals have been ringing through intellectual and political circles for the restructuring of the nation. This means that we all know that the Nigerian quasi-democratic, unitary-federalism is sick and needing urgent care. The masses are the concerned ones, obviously. Tragically, those who hold the reins of power are not concerned. I can even unequivocally assert that they love the Nigerian setup. The cracks upon the wall of the republic afford them the opportunity through which to slip their nefarious maneuvers. The Nigerian Constitution should be the watchdog but they possess its favorite bone, tossing it here and forth and keeping the Judiciary in an endless rigmarole.

Nigeria is sick. It has always been sick. It was born sick, deformed and destined for eventual Waterloo, just as someone who is born with HIV is destined to die prematurely. Restructuring the nation would, in the parlance of a nutritionist, involve switching its diet, comparable to adding more nutrient to the meal of an HIV patient. This, however, will not meaningfully extend the life of such a patient. I am not being a pessimist, and we at the IPOB are far from pessimists. We believe that the future holds great things for the Nigerian people. However, believing that the future is bright for Nigeria is tantamount to running towards a precipice, hoping that the cliff would metamorphose into a staircase. Totally absurd. Nigeria is doomed for death, and I’ll tell you why.

Disregarding the chitchat about the incubation of the greatest independence fraud ever to hit the African shores, we will look at the modern era, the times since 1999 when the nation started its democratic experiment, which still subsists today. The handover of power was simply from an unveiled military regime to a neo-militaristic one, wherein we actually are worse off, because we wanted democracy but we am ex-military ruler kick-started the movement for us. Thus, the democracy we have is sick, infested with shades and towering vestiges of autocracy. Restructure the democracy, someone would say. Who would do that? The men at the top of the political hierarchy are breeds of the same military regimes that flung the nation into a limbo of administrative cluelessness.

Who would spearhead the restructuring? The same politicians who, though not descendent from oil-producing regions, hold the oil industry by the jugular. Anyone who thinks they would easily relinquish that grasp is simply a victim of naivety and psychology puerility. Who would spearhead the restructuring processes? The same politicians who have committed so many atrocities, who would, by virtue of a restructured Constitution, be found guilty of crimes that would cause even the devil to blush. Who would restructure Nigeria? The same politicians who are offshoots of the same hegemonic cabals and godfathers that delivered an ailing democratic structure in order to maintain loopholes for their corrupt and devilish interests. Now tell me, what sort of restructuring would you have?

Let me tell you. After the restructuring processes, we would have a Nigeria where corruption is more prolific than ever because it becomes more asymptomatic, harder to detect while dealing its deadly blow further upon the nation. We would come back to the same point where we seek solutions for a problem whose cause lies in the inception of the nation. Proper diagnosis of any ailment would require a retrospective analysis in order to detect its source. 1914 and 1960 were the times when the Nigerian sphere contracted its political virus. Let us go back to the beginning. Only on so doing shall we find a way out. IPOB has done this retrospective analysis, and we have come up with our own solution. Biafra is the solution for Nigeria. Send me your comments if you have any contradictory views. I would really love to see the logic in any opposing notions.

Long live Biafra.
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Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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