ENUGU — The Enugu state chapter of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has issued a stern warning to the Chairman of Ogbete Main Market Traders Association, OMMATA, Mr. Temple Ude and his Chief Security Officer, Mike Uzodimma, popularly known as Ezenweoru, against plans to frame its members in the market with illegally-bound materials.

IPOB Enugu, following a tip-off by an anonymous source from the market, has unraveled evil plots hatched by the chairman and the chief security officer of the market to bury and/or implant explosive devices and other contraband items on goods and containers of notable IPOB members transacting business at the market.

The source who confided with the State Media and Publicity Secretary, stated that he(Temple Ude), plans to alert the police and other Nigerian security agencies after successfully implanting those items, in a desperate bid to portray IPOB as lawbreakers and violent group.

It should be noted that Mr. Temple Ude who also doubles as the President -General of Enugu State Amalgamated Market Traders Association, and Ezenweoru, masterminded the recent arrest of some IPOB members in the state including a Biafra journalist attached to Biafra Writers’ Forum on the 25th of May, during their peaceful Sit-at-home sensitization campaign at the market for the 30th May Heroes Remembrance Day.

The chairman whose tenure expires next year, ordered the market’s CSO, Ezenweoru to contact the State police, SARS and the Anti-cult operatives to invade and disrupt the peaceful procession. Temple Ude has been responsible for the ill-fate that has befallen Biafrans at the market.

Ude who works with the Enugu state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, swore never to shutdown the market in honour of the Biafra fallen heroes but instead, instigated the security agencies in the state to clampdown on Biafra agitators.

Following his false instigation against IPOB members in the state, the Police were made to believe that IPOB members planned to raze down the market on 30th May Heroes Day, even when they are campaigning for residents to Stay at home.

Recall that on a similar precedence, scores of Biafra activists holding an awareness evangelism/sensitization at Ogbete market for the global “FREE NNAMDI KANU SIT-AT-HOME CAMPAIGN” on September last year, were rounded-up by a joint section of the Nigerian police and military in connivance with the Chairman of the market, Temple Ude, when he invited them to his office at the market. The victims were roundly beaten up by these security officials before dragging them to their station.

The IPOB Enugu state wishes to state clearly that IPOB members are lawful and peace loving individuals and should any form of harm come to them, Temple Ude and Ezenweoru would be held accountable.

IPOB is not known for violence or destruction of people’s lives and properties, especially where it involves their own people. Therefore, any secret instigation against them by unscrupulous agents and anti-Biafra individuals seeking for government’s favour will be roundly rejected.

Traitors and saboteurs in the likes of Temple Ude and his cohorts are oblivious of the fact that Biafra is a spirit which crushes any impediment encountered on her way. When the time is ripe, history will not be on the good side of Temple Ude for going against Biafra and her people.

IPOB Enugu Thanks Residents For Complying With The Sit-at-home Order

The IPOB Enugu, has thanked residents of the state for complying with the Sit-at-home directive from the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, amidst counter efforts and inducements by government officials and others against the order.

Speaking on Saturday, the State Mobilizer, Mazi Ikechukwu Egbo Nwodo, said that their compliance shows that the state is now ready to embrace the Biafra struggle without recourse to the state and federal government.

He said; “I specially wish to thank residents of Enugu for their maximum support and compliance in the just concluded Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day by sitting at their homes as directed, to mark our 50th Anniversary after the genocidal war unleashed on our people.

“We understand that by complying with this order, Enugu residents have proven that Biafra is in their hearts having defied orders from the state government to go about their normal activities on 30th May.

“It is on record that the Enugu state Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi during the 29th Nigeria’s democracy day, doled out a huge amount of money to bus and taxi drivers including giving wrappers to women at the Michael Okpara Square, in a bid to scuttle the Sit-at-home exercise.

“Also, in a Church service with Catholic Reverend father Anthony Callistus Onaga, the governor and the priest, urged the congregation to neglect the Sit-at-home order which received wide condemnation.

“But I thank Chukwu Abiama that after receiving such inducements from the governor, the masses defied him and stayed at their homes in remembrance of our fallen heroes.

“Similarly, instead of shutting down the Ogbete market as directed, the Chairman of the market, Temple Ude opened it but my greatest happiness was that no single buyer or seller entered the market for the purpose of buying and selling and this singular act, made IPOB Enugu’s victory to be more resounding.

“The people have spoken through their compliance of which there was a total shutdown and paralysis of commercial activities in Enugu on 30th of May.

“Therefore, we implore the international community to hearken to the voice of the people and conduct a peaceful referendum that will determine where the people choose to be. That alone will solve the enormous challenges confronting the geographical contraption called Nigeria.”

- Chukwuemeka Chimerue
   Enugu Media Team
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