What a shame, the Hausa have started attacking us in our home land showing us that we can't do anything, treating us like animals, as prophesied by the Supreme Leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. When will all this nonsense end? When shall we be free from this bloodsuckers called Hausa Fulani men? When shall we be free from this zoo called Nigeria where Hausa people do as they like without any law enforce on them. Oh Chukwuokike save us 

Just yesterday around 10:45pm an Hausa man attack an Igbo man at new heaven Enugu Biafra land.

The Igbo man by name Ikechukwu is owned 50naira balance of his money by the Hausa man, he went to the shop of the Hausa man whom he said they are very close friend that he don't believe that what happened will happen, just to collect his balance back from the Hausa man who refuse saying that he will not give him any money, Ikechukwu thought the man was joking so decided to pick another thing in exchange for his balance, just at the moment he pick up cigarette , the Hausa man bounce on him started fighting him, for him to fight back two other Hausa men selling Suya join their brother to beat this man even at that this Ikechukwu try His best to defend himself, him alone fighting three Hausa men even those passing by couldn't help him, even the police check point near their did nothing about it. The effort to get help proved abortive as the police men ignored him. As the Hausa men couldn't defeat him, they resorted to unleashing their weapons on the men as one of them ran inside, came out with his dagger and struck the man on his face, with the intention of killing the man he is owning. Ikechukwu was mess up he call for help shouting on top of his voice "they have killed me", the Hausa man ran away on hearing this while other two went back to their Suya stand as if nothing happen. 

Later, help came his way as two IPOB member took him to nearby clinic for treatment. Even the police men who were supposed to be law enforcement agency, looked the other way as if it does concern them, and rightly so - it doesn't concern them so long as it wasn't the Hausa man who was injured

This is what Biafrans get in a country were every thing is Hausa man. There is urgent need for Biafrans needs to act fast before it is too late. Since it has gotten to this extent, then there is imminent danger and similar incident might repeat itself soon and nothing will be done about it. 

May Chukwuokike help us as we fight for our freedom  Isee Iseee Iseeee

- Nwafor uche 
  City Media
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