Violence erupted late hours of yesterday, 12th June, 2017, at about 10:25 pm at Lisbon junction, New Haven, Enugu, as one Mr. Simon Igbida from Ebonyi state was allegedly attacked by some Hausa/Fulani men.

It was gathered from the victim, Mr. Simon Igbida that the altercation started when he went back in search of his 1000 naira note which reportedly slipped out of his pocket after buying cigarettes from the four northerners at the street who also sell Suya at Lisbon junction.

Mr Igbida who went back to inquire on the whereabouts of his missing N1000 note reportedly got a rude response from the northerners and a bitter argument ensued.

Following the argument which degenerated to a fight, the four northerners descended on the man and he was heavily brutalized. Simon after the encounter, sustained a bloody cut on his nose inflicted with a dagger owned by the Hausa/Fulani men.

Simon, through the help of sympathizers and observers who quickly came to his rescue, was rushed to Park lane hospital to receive medical treatment.

However, when they returned to the scene of the incident, the four northerners have already absconded the scene and were nowhere in sight till the period of filing this report.

Sequel to the quit notice issued on Biafrans by the North, it appears they have already begin unleashing violence on innocent Biafrans in Biafraland. We therefore, urge the security agencies in Enugu to investigate this crime and bring the perpetrators, now at large, to book.

- Ifeanyi Dickson
Enugu Media Team
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  1. Does it mean that in the area, there are no Biafran who sell's cigarette in the area. He had to go to an Hausa to buy the product? Why go to buy cigarette from the zoo Hausa man in the first place? To be truthful, he had no business going to do business with a blood sucking Hausa man period!!!