By Kelechi Okorie
Nigerian Army: murderers of innocent Biafrans
For Biafra Choice Writers

The time called for serious advice to Biafrans, to stay indoors on May 30 Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day, which eventually came up with great enthusiasm by Biafrans. The people were not prepared not give the vandal Nigerians; barbarians, any excuse to spill innocent Biafra blood again, which they (Nigerians) had always done and denied. That was the essence of the Sit-at-Home that took place.
They knew no evil was beyond the people and government of the evil and expired contraption called Nigeria. Nigeria is a place where even expired products would be repackaged and sold to people to consume and die. This is why Nigerian soldiers who had committed heinous crimes in the past were given awards, not prosecuted, and allowed to go free.
Imagine that Army officers that committed heinous crimes of mass massacre of Biafrans, raped their girls, stole their properties, and inflicted multifarious injuries on women, children and the aged, were promoted. They had not only done all the above, they had also extorted money from the people, intimidate them, and committed other atrocities on the people.
Since, Mohammadu Buhari, the ghost-worker president of evil Nigeria took over power; things have gone from bad to worst. He has succeeded in turning the people into monkeys and baboon, as well as turning their so-called nascent democracy into a dictatorship. Peaceful gathering, freedom of association and right of expression are denied. He has lied and deceived both his own citizens and the international community.
Such was the case when the Army and Police denied their brazen massacre of Biafrans who were praying in secondary school in Aba, Abia State. While the people were busy praying on February 9, Nigerian Army and Police opened fire on them and gunned down a huge number of them. The video evidence had raised outrage across the world as the soldiers and police were seen shooting at unarmed leading to the death of hundreds. Yet Nigerian Army denied it never took place.
One can then imagine what sort of country Nigeria is. Even though the video went viral across the world, drawing condemnations of the level of brutality unleashed on the people; yet Nigeria’s bloodthirsty demon called Buhari would not watch it. he did not even show any remorse when Al-Jazeera’s Martine Dennis told him to watch it.
With what transpired, it would have been irrational to think that the Nigerian Army and Police would accept the report on how they brutalized Indigenous of People of Biafran (IPOB) women in Abiriba, Abia State.
Expectedly, irrespective of forensic evidence and proof, they lied about. It was therefore not a surprise to read Nigerian Army’s Deputy Director of Public Relations, Colonel Sagir Musa, denying the report. The lying Army officer described the allegation as sheer propaganda meant to discredit the Nigerian Army.
He was reported as having made the claim that Nigerian “Army patrol team moved close to the arena where IPOB Women were having conference with intension of monitoring them, on sighting the team, the women ran out, removed parts of their dresses to converge in an alternate venue where the Division Police Officer, Abiriba and Royal Majesty Eze Ogbu of Abiriba, addressed the gathering.”
From the backdrop of all that had happened since Buhari became President, that lie was not a surprise. Indeed, it is expected. It is already on record Nigeria has the highest number of human right violations in the world. We know that the uncoordinated lies from the Army Public Relations office, a Fulani man, were just to cover their atrocities and their crime against humanity. 
We therefore salute the courage and steadfastness of the Biafra women that converged in Abiriba. It shows the spirit of the well-articulated and coordinated Aba Women Revolt of 1929 in still alive in them. With the Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day coming in few hours’ time, we know that our Biafran women – having come out fully for the struggle – will give us total victory.
We also commend the wisdom of Biafrans for staying at home on May 30. With that singular action, and with the fact that Biafran was killed, they have made many incontrovertible statements regarding their quest for Biafra. They showed that Biafrans were serious about their independence quest; that Biafrans were together and united; that they love themselves; and that Nigeria can no longer divide them.
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