Ever busy Onitsha bridge empty on May 30
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

A group of Biafran “Efulefu’s” – never do wells – recently spoke against Biafra and its current leader, Nnamdi Kanu. This was because Biafran leaders through Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) had called on all Biafrans to stay at home on May 30, in respect of their fallen heroes.
It was a call meant to be a mock referendum as well; and to prove whether Biafrans support an independent Biafran state, away from Nigeria (Biafrexit). It proved to be a huge success; and to the world, clear evidence that Biafrans have total support for Biafrexit. All the streets and roads, markets and business places; including banks and schools, were deserted. That Biafra freedom was a popular amongst Biafrans was no longer something to doubt from that day.
It was therefore a surprise to great number of Biafrans that a so-called South East People’s Assembly (SEPA) should make such a call. They had asked that the bail granted to Kanu be revoked because, according to them, Kanu had breached the bail conditions granted him by an Abuja High Court. In their letter to Chief Judge of the high court, Ibrahim Auta, they called for the review of the bail, claiming that Kanu had flouted the conditions set by the court for his bail.
The letter was signed by an obscure and inconsequential person in the name of Chukwuemeka Okorie. He had declared: “Obviously, the recklessness with which he (Kanu) made media statements and even organized the ‘Sit at Home and Stay Indoor’ protest to mark the so called BIAFRA HEROS DAY on Tuesday, 30th May, 2017 is a threat to the unity, security and peace of Nigeria as a sovereign nation.”
But what is SEPA? It is a group of desperate and obscure individuals made up of chronic bribe-takers, who were brought together (and given a name) by Nigerian government for such scams as they have just perpetrated – working against Biafra.
Many of them bear Igbo-Biafra names, but they are not all truly Igbo. Though majority of them may have been given birth to in Biafraland, but many of them may not have pure Biafra blood flowing in them. They or their fathers may have been products of rape by Nigerian soldiers during the Biafra/Nigeria war; products of mixed marriages; or both.
That is why it is easy for them to align with their oppressive fathers to continue the oppression of Biafrans. That was why they had no qualms penning such nonsense as “our decision to write this demand letter to your good office at this time is to forestall another civil unrest in Nigeria, particularly around the Igbo speaking region.” The whole world, by now, knows that there has never been anything like civil unrest in Biafraland, that what has obtained has always been Nigeria government organizing waves of genocide against Biafrans since 1945 – either through its soldiers or through such groups as Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.
Unashamedly, they queried: “The pertinent question on our minds as stakeholders is: Has Kanu been consistent in providing the court with reports on the progress of his health and treatment on a monthly basis since he was granted bail?
Bunch of saboteurs they are, so they did not know the true position of Kanu’s health, and yet they are calling for the revocation of his bail. If they were serious individuals, shouldn’t they have first obtained information on his health status before writing the letter just to please their pay masters?
Onitsha Market on the day
It is obvious that Nigerian government has paid SEPA (as it had done in the past with others) to make enough noise about the issue, and to use it as excuse to trample on Kanu’s human rights once again. But they will fail as they have failed in the past. The whole world already knows that Kanu has not breached any law, but has only operated within the ambit of both local and international laws.

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