Burutai: arrowhead of the coup in the works

By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

The next move to be expected from the Fulani power mongers is a coup! And that coup will come after their plan to unleash genocide against Biafrans in the Northern portion of the accursed contraption called Nigeria.
Intelligence information reaching Biafra Choice Writers’ desk revealed that the so-called quit notice given to Biafrans by some Fulani men, masquerading as Northern youths, was to generate a coup. In fact, it was not only to generate a coup; it was an elaborate plan meant to achieve two ends: the first is to make sure that Yemi Osinbajo, the now Acting President of the contraption, does not get to become the President. The second is to scuttle the Biafra restoration efforts.
Biafra Choice Writers was told that the plan, at the moment, was to create chaos in the polity so that the military (owned and dominated by the Fulani) will give it as a reason to take over the power. It would be followed with promises of holding elections within one year. With that the conspiratorial Fulanis would have ensured that the presidency is taken away from the South.
They have equally planned that in the process of electioneering, a Biafran would be given the Vice President slot, which they hoped would end the Biafra agitation.
Interestingly, a known corrupt Southern Fulani stooge; a former military head of state and two-time president is in on the plan. His role is to lead in campaigns for international acceptance of the planned military putsch. He is to make them believe that the country has hit a cul-de-sac, and would need only a military putsch to get it out. He has already assumed his duties in earnest, telling the world that he “feared for Nigeria”. To show how hollow and hopeless the man and his fellow age-mates have been in running Nigeria, the man was still talking about oil prices as indices of development in running a country.
Incidentally, implementation of the plan started long before the “quit order” notice. It actually started at the court in Abuja, while Nnamdi Kanu was still in prison. The plan was put into action when Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was declared a legal organisation. It was a plan against IPOB’s resolve to boycott any other election in Biafraland, unless a referendum was conducted for Biafra independence.
The plan was to use some dregs in IPOB – people who were disgruntled and suspended for dinning with the enemy – to mobilize Biafrans to participate in the elections. Such people are currently organizing themselves under what they call Movement of Biafra in Nigeria (MOBIN).
The second implementation was the release of Nnamdi Kanu. Part of what the “old cargo” (former Nigerian President) Olusegun Obasanjo told the world was that Biafra was localized, because that was what they wanted. They did not want the world to know how serious Biafra restoration effort is. They were no longer comfortable seeing Biafrans demonstrating in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, each time Kanu was being brought to court. That was why they rallied to grant him bail with conditions that will stop him from mobilizing his men. On the contrary, they have heavy funded the blacklegs to recruit for the elections.
Indeed, the coup plan is that when it happens and Kanu is rearrested, he would be taken to an obscure corner of the accursed contraption, where nobody will know, and the people will not have the freedom to demonstrate.
After the coup, the next move will be to organize another of their usually fake, useless, and fraudulent elections within one year. To attack the Biafra restoration efforts, they will appoint one of their moles in Igboland like Rochas Okorocha or Orji Uzor Kalu, as Vice President. With that they hope to permanently kill off the enthusiasm for Biafra.
However, they appear mistaken, as Biafra Choice Writers gathered that Biafrans are prepared to shun any such arrangement. They insist that what they want is Biafra, and as such have started mobilizing themselves, both locally and internationally to resist any coup d’├ętat being planned by the Fulani.
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