Murder Biafrans by Fulani government
By Gideon Udobong
For Biafra Choice Writers

For a very long time, since the forced nations in West Africa were merged as one and named Nigeria, Fulani people have constituted themselves as the worst kind of parasitic plants that unleash so much wickedness on their host nations.
What they have been doing can be likened to the worst kind of terrorism one could see anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, and as if bewitched, the peoples and nations they have been inflicting this wickedness against, have been condoning and indulging them. But a time comes when all such nonsense must stop, and that time is now; and the United Nations must not pretend not to know this time around.
Just imagine the latest, this terrorist people woke up one day and told Biafrans to vacate Northern Nigeria, or the usual carnage and bloodletting will be visited upon them. What was the people’s offense? They asked for separation. But rather than ask the government they control to commence a process of peaceful separation, they started setting the stage for bloodletting and crisis. And their aim is to make sure that the Presidency does not go to Femi Osinbajo, who should legitimately assume the position.
Fulani Terrorist Army
Everything about this people is terror. When they are not terrorizing a people with their herdsmen, they are doing it with groups such as Boko Haram, Maitatsine, and even their government forces. And when it is not with groups, it is with bloodcurdling almajiri. They have terrorized Jukun; they have terrorized Yoruba; they have terrorized Idoma; they have terrorized Igbo; they have terrorized Ijaw; they have terrorized Igala; they have terrorized Zango Kataf; and infact there are no groups of peoples in the Nigerian contraption that have not been terrorized by the Fulani. They must now be stopped!
Even though the Fulanis are minority in Nigeria, and aliens in the land, they have unleashed so much terror in the owners of the land that the time has come when they must be stopped. This people do not own a single acre of land in the contraption called Nigeria. They are visitors from Feuta Djallon Mountains in Guinea; but they have visited so much terror on their host communities that the time has come when they must be stopped. From year to year they continue to contrive crisis based on terrorism just the stay in power and that must not be allowed to continue.
Fulani terrorist with gun pretending to be herdsman
That was how they created Boko Haram because they wanted their kith and kin to become Nigeria president again. And with it, they killed thousands of Biafrans in Churches, schools, their homes, and in the streets; all because they wanted Goodluck Jonathan out of office. They had just started dismantling the evil Boko Haram they created, having assumed power through Muhammadu Buhari when it suddenly dawned on them that Buhari is in limbo, and would not continue to be president. Then they have started plotting to generate crisis again, with the intent of removing Osinbajo from office; and they want to use Biafrans as scape goat.
That, in essence, is the reason for the evil October 1 ultimatum given to Biafrans to live the North. The plan is that when they commence the bloodbath, which they are planning just as they did in 1966, the military (which they dominate) will execute a coup and take over power. That will put them in driving seat again.
But this time around, they must be resisted. The world must not stand by and watch this Fulani terrorism continue. This minority people from Guinea (who are not more than 10 million) must be told in unmistakable terms to stay humbly and in peace with their host nations. And that if they are not ready, that they are free to go back to Guinea where they came from.
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