One of the greatest problems of human beings is understanding what they say, and then meaning what they say because they understand what they say. They don't understand certain things they say. And because they don't understand what they say, they don't actually mean what they say when they say certain things. You can only mean what you understand I have written several articles on Hausa-Fulani hatred against Biafra and how they have continuously shown it in all of their activities, as a matter of fact, most of the laws they make are made to pose a powerful tool against Biafrans and I am writing this so that those who are willing to learn will learn. At least, this will help them to stop making reasoning that the Hausa-Fulani may have programmed.

Virtually Biafrans are praying and asking God to take control of their lives in the North when they have refused to heed the warning of returning home even when the enemies of Biafra Restoration has been forced to reveal their intending pogrom on Biafrans living in the North. When they do that, they go out of their ways to do what they like and assume that God is in control of their lives. The mindset is that they will do what they will do and somehow God will maneuver to get a certain result. That is what most Biafrans understand by asking God to take control of their life while they disobey the voice of reasoning because of dubious advice they either have thought for themselves or are forced into believing. But there are three things to note:

1: The act of controlling is an active exercise. It is not passive. So when you ask God to control your life, you are actually asking Him to be actively (not passively) be involved in your life.

2: God is not abstract. He is a person. So for Him to control your life, it has to be practical. To control means to command, to be in charge, to exercise authority over the person you are controlling. So to ask God to take control of your life means to ask Him to exercise authority over your life, wherefore He makes the decisions in your life by giving you orders (instructions) which you must obey.

3: God is not arbitrary. He does not impose Himself on anybody. He controls only those who are willing to let Him control them. And those who are willing to let God control them are those who actually wait on Him to control them. You are not willing to let God control you until you actually wait on Him to control you by directing you with authority. This implies giving up your will and allowing Him to decide WHAT you do, WHEN you do it, WHERE you do it and HOW you do it. What, when, where and how.

Take note: When God is actually controlling you, giving the commands, directing you, He may make a decision you do not like. But you must obey Him because you asked Him to control your movement. 

However, in this regards, God speaks through prophets, and a popular adage says '' the mouth of a prophet is the mouth of God, hence God gives directives on how things should be done through his prophets, this is because we don't expect God to come down from heaven to speak to us before we believe him, we are no longer in the era of the '' doubting Thomas '' whom the Spirit of God had to appear to convince him of the resurrection of the Son of God from death. 

In the same vein, Nnamdi Kanu has proven to be a prophet, if not for any other thing, look at his incorruptible nature, fearless said formidable attitude because he is certain that what he is doing is in accordance to how God Almighty has destined it. This is heavily shown in the height the Biafra restoration struggle has climaxed, ranging from the organizational level of the Indigenous People that are stationed all over the world. What a feat: Biafra restoration has become an international interesting discuss ever recorded in history. What more is holding you from listening to the same man that God used to make all this possible and return home. 

It is difficult to follow the truth. The truth is meant to be endured, not enjoyed. Most human beings are not be inclined to accept this terrible reality. But the Galilean says, "He who ENDURES to the end will be saved." [Matthew 24:13]
What has to be endured is not pleasant. Nobody endures what is pleasant. What is pleasant is rather enjoyed.                    

this will be the last straw that will break the camel's back. I want to believe that the quit notice cum intending pogrom issued to Biafrans in the North before harm it's an empty threat, but if by any means it is not then there will cease to be a country called Nigeria. Yet I dare them. 
They thought Nnamdi Kanu was crazy when he came back to Nigeria to fight his adversaries face to face? The pressure is getting to Nigeria, Buhari and his Hausa-Fulani oligarchy, they know that Biafrans can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

(Luke 21:28)says, But when these things begin to happen, look up, and lift up your heads, because your redemption (Biafra Restoration) is near.
God says it, I believe it and that settles it. 

It should be noted about the following applauding efforts, 

1. It's on record that IPOB has been carrying out their agitations without hurting, killing and attacking anyone even as they have been constantly maimed in numbers. 

2. It's on record they've never threatened any other ethnic group to leave their city with the aim 

3. It's on record their protests is often about singing, clapping and dancing. 

4. we even have the maturity to write the police authorities whenever they want to protest. 

5. It's on record we've managed these protests and it's never gotten out of hand or turned violent even when they are shot at by security agencies. 

IPOB began differently and well organized and deserve to be adored for not following the Hausa-Fulani violent pattern and most other ethnic groups have done in the past. The irresponsible youths threatening The Biafra - Igbo speaking tribe to leave the North knows they are morbidly joking but I dare them to keep to their word. 

It's very simple if you start targeting Biafra-Igbo speaking communities in the north from October 1st like you threatened,  Biafra land will automatically respond with the equal ferocity it is called self-defense because we will not continue to watch as you begin another round of extermination and total annihilation of Biafrans. It's a case of mutually assured destruction. 

The balance of terror translates to the balance of fear which actually gives birth to peaceful separation. 

The responses to the Biafran agitations is clearly strengthening the resolve of the agitators. 

One member of your family begins to complain and says he wants to leave the family because he isn't treated fairly. If you really see him as a family member, is it not wise to sit with him and ask why he wants to leave and make attempts to assuage his fears. 

Rather the responses are ridiculous: 

If you leave how will you survive since most of your properties and business are situated in the North. Nonsense !!

How much are you even contributing to this family? 

If you leave what about the properties you acquired here? ( Can you imagine that stealing mentality) 

If you leave how will you do your business profitable again? 

Now, some irresponsible Northern youths have added their voice for Biafrans to leave or become targets of another genocide or pogrom from October first. 

Dare it and help this fraud British dungeon to break up.  

You think the Niger Delta is comfortable after the small Presidency bribe given to them has forcefully snatched away? 

You think the middle belt isn't tired of being hacked to death in their farms by rampaging herdsmen? 

If these irresponsible northern youths feel their threat is a way of mocking the Biafran agitation, they'd soon realize that not many ethnic groups enjoy this forced marriage called Nigeria. 
To be forewarned is to be fore armed.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
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