Author:      Onwe Ozioma
• Editor:       Nwada Ugochinyere

Induced into the football rules; it’s a game of two halves. This is a well-known fact, and it has a good definition in the Biafra struggle, tracing historic events from the inception of the Biafra/Nigeria civil war till date. There was a first half, which was captained by His Excellency Late Gen. Odumegwu Dim Chiukwuemeka Ojukwu through 1967 and 1970, while the second half is in play as captain By Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

He who laughs last, they say laughs best. There is absolutely nothing wrong in one celebrating his achievements, but it could be gravely costly and dangerous to do so when it is only seeming. 

The recent turnout of invents has shown that Nigeria has fallen to the antics of deceptive victory in its war with Biafra, consequently, it has certainly lost. Many people erroneously think of the Biafra war to have ended in 1970. It is quite common to hear the actors of the war, especially from the Nigeria divide aver that the war ended in 1970 and as a result, Biafra is dead. Little did they know that just like it is in the most loved round leather game, they had only played the first half between 1967 and 1970. The reason behind their reasoning it so, may not be far fetched. 

Of course, the thinking faculty of a black man, as he has sadly conditioned it to be, is not much more than that of a monkey which would upon receiving banana hop from tree to tree in unquantifiable ecstasy, never remembering that it will want another soon. The resounding victory which the true giants of the monkey continent stupidly bask in the euphoria of is their bane. In that, it has perfectly denied them the ability to juxtapose things wisely and draw helpful lessons. 

In soccer, players have 15 minutes for breath taking. But in the light versus darkness bout between Biafra and Nigeria, the break came in years. And the foolish Galatians(Nigeria), never knew it. Not even their very crafty gods (Britain), could help elucidate this deceptive break. They too were beaten hands down. No, not even the words of the captain of the first half when he said that the war never ended, could make them wise. 

When Biafran soldiers some 50 years back, unanimously gave surrendering the nod, they did so for two major wise reasons: Firstly, to save a generation from being wiped out by hunger which was the only armoury available to Nigeria and the ally forces that could tame the small but mighty Biafran army who thought were underdogs from the get-go surprised the world in soaking and repelling the pressure from a big team whose bench was to be dreaded. 

Secondly and very much related to the first, they were aware that he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. 

In general, they wanted to preserve the team that would prosecute the decisive second half. Some wisdom, isn't it? And now that the chips are down, that team is in total control of proceedings in that all important reverse fixture, if you prefer to put it that way. Match well read, isn't it? Whereas the first half self-acclaimed champions, whose then Stalled performance engineered by the then midfield maestro(Britain) plus the on-loan marquee strikers from Russia, Egypt, and counting, would best be described as what is called, initial "garagara", in local parlance, are nowhere to be found. How is the mighty falling? Or permit me to recoin it to; why are the mighty falling? 

Football is a game of two halves, this is a popular adage which philosophical undertones, come in handy, in every facet of life. It simply means that like in the game of football where team A can be up in the first half but can go home a loser if it does not replicate same performance in the second half, a person, group or like it is, in this case, a country can be up today but down or gone tomorrow. This and another are the answers to my "why are the mighty falling?". 

During the interval, which was also an opportunity for re-strategising, Biafra, ably coached by the only indefatigable Chukwu Okike Abiama, has done excellently, that which is needed to upturn results, while their rivals bashed. He is the all-time best tactician, cum developer, has developed a player in the person of Nnamdi Kanu and made him the captain of this team. Also because of birds of a feather flock together, He has in like manner trained other players who are ever ready to cooperate with the captain on the field of play. In this team, the captain is truly the on-field coach. IPOB wallops any team that shows up. Since the unavailing of this team, every other player or self-made captains like Uwazurike and co. has been either compulsorily relegated to the bench, indefinitely suspended or totally banned. 

Trust COACH YAH WEH, He is a no nonsense gaffer. But were Nigeria and her learned and tactful God just being starkly foolish? Why did they in all their supposed wisdom fail to plan for the final showdown where the true winner is to be decided. Yes! capitalized, is the answer. For as the holy book puts it, God's foolishness is better than human wisdom. i.e, that in all your achievements and scheming, if the author of wisdom does not lend you some, you are but a celebrated dumbhead. They were never wise all the while. They only seemed to be. That is why they have correctly planned to fail woefully. 

The table has been turned around. Biafra is winning and we are now into added time. The blast of the final whistle will soon be heard. Biafrans join the team. Support the team. You can still be useful in sinking Nigeria even in this dying minutes. It deserves the highest white washing. But even if you don't join, it won't make any much difference as the game is almost over. But be careful not to lie about your presence on the pitch. We know who did what. Just a minute. 

Fellow Biafrans, I heard the captain shouting now. Listen to what he just screamed: "HEY, HEY, HEY, BE FOCUSED. IT IS NOT OVER UNTIL IT IS OVER", welcome back. 

Surely, neither four-four-two nor any other can beat our proven and reliable truth-truth-truth formation. 

Biafrans get to celebrate. 

For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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