Each time I read reactionary speeches from northern elites, it is easy for me to understand the hypocritical undertones and mischievous intentions of these so called northern elites.

Sometime in the past, I read a speech made by Emir Sanusi Lamido, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, accusing the Yorubas as being the problem of Nigeria. Today, he has changed his stance, saying "who ever is saying any tribe in Nigeria is the problem is not patriotic". 

As CBN governor, Emir Sanusi destroyed banks owned by Biafrans, investors and shareholders were sent to their early graves and many were impoverished with his religious vindictive banking reforms. 

At the time Boko Haram insurgents bombed a church on December 25 at Madala, Niger State, Sanusi seemed incapacitated; but when Kano mosque bombing occurred some weeks later, he  released millions of naira from the coffers of the CBN to the families involved through the Kano state government. 

Emir Sanusi obstructed Justice when a Biafran, Gideon Akaluka, was beheaded in Kano. Today, he is telling Nigerians and Biafrans that religion is not our problem. This is in a country where the northern elites has used Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen to kill and decimate Biafrans and Christians in the north before it surged beyond their control; yet, Sanusi thinks otherwise. 

Biafrans are watching helplessly, how over the time, our wealthy brothers are being victimized just because of their tribal difference. Yesterday, it was Ibeto Cement, Orji Kalu's Slok Air chased to Gambia, Igbo traders' containers siezed and sold to northern politicians; today, Ifeanyi Uba is arrested and put in prison for an alleged debt.

103 years, yet the contraption called Nigeria is not working for the Northerners nor the Southerners, save the 3% few that has enslaved the rest. Biafrans demand exit and say "Enough Of This Nonsense"; we do not need to be big to be a progressive nation. There are countries in the world that are not up to population of Nnewi local government area yet there are progressive countries.

These hypocritical northern elders should enjoy their country devoid of Biafra. We are fed up with the continued and seeming perpetual victimization of Biafrans even in our own land. Biafrans are distinctly a different nation from Arewa and Oduduwa. We are not related in any form -not by culture religion, language, value system nor social skills.


- Chukwuma Nwankwo
  Lagos Media Team
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