’’Buhari knows that I have the ‘Musical Weapon’ to bring down the contraption called Nigeria’’

The above were the words of Biafran musical artiste Prince William Chibuzo Mbah but who goes with the stage names Don Prince when yours sincerely sought to know why the current President of Nigeria, Hitler Muhammadu Buhari wants him dead at all cost following his return to the country after his successful operation for kidney infection in India.

Be reminded that following the release of the video of his ‘monster hit’ musical track ‘’Biafra Antago’’ which became a kind of an anthem due to its popularity, Don Prince was declared wanted by the APC led government headed of Buhari for want the government termed singing ‘violation song’ against Buhari, treasonable felony and belonging to an unlawful organization.

Don Prince who has dominated the Biafra restoration musical scene with his various musical tracks solely dedicated to the fight for liberation of Nigeria from the shackles of Nigeria's slavement (sic) was arrested on the direct orders of the APC led government of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Africa Hitler on his return to Nigeria on 30th of January, 2017 from his base abroad by the officials of the Nigeria Gestapo organisation, Department of State Security, DSS at the car park section of the Muritala Mohammad International Airport, Ikeja and taken to the outfit's detention center in Ajangbadi, Lagos with his daughter, Princess Jennifer Chinagorom Mbah and her 2 visiting foreign friends and kept incommunicado for 3 days until one of his tormentors had pity on them and secretly called his lawyer.

Asked why the APC led federal government government would issue a direct order for him to be "wasted" whenever sighted, the Biafran Artiste who is an easy going person and hardly have time for quarrel have these to say,

"The information from my contact within the Gestapo outfit called the DSS is that President Muhammadu Buhari and his APC led government is very afraid of the 'Musical Weapons' that my songs brings to the Biafran liberation struggle and thus fear its impacts if allowed to continue".

On why he choose  to return back to the country in spite of been aware that he is wanted dead by the Buhari's government, Don Prince whose rise to fame within these short time even shocked his critics was very categorical in stating

"I believe in the 'Biafra or Death' slogan of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and thus no man born of a woman and his cohorts will stop me from returning to the country to continue to contribute my quote to liberation of my Biafran people"

Don Prince who praised the Magistrate of the Municipal Chief Magistrate Court of Abuja for dismissing and acquitting him of the 3 count charges brought by the government against him for putting his names in the history books in spite of the intimidation to arm twist him do their bidding is however sad that an organisation like the "DSS can be full of official criminals as its operativea stole €150,000 out of the €450,000 that the DSS seized from him and his daughter despite the order of the court for all items seized from him to be returned in full.

But what will make an organisation like the DSS which ought to be in the front of fighting corruption to be have officials that will be involved in stealing her suspects' seized items? Don Prince whose love for Biafra remains priceless said,

"That is Nigeria for you! Every institution in country remains bastardized which makes it obvious that the country cannot develop thus why the restoration of Biafra remains a priority for me"

Don Prince is however not ruling out the possibility of taking the Gestapo outfit called the DSS to court to seek for damages for the humiliation he suffered in its hands which led to him getting infected whilst in its custody but wants to take care of his health first.

He is equally optimist of the much talked about musical collaboration between him and other Biafran musical artistes taking place soonest as soon as he is fully back on his feet again.

All hail Biafra.

- Chuks Ikedigwe and Nze Dike Biafra
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